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When will we see new interior?

I have heard through a combination of rumors that they are re-designing the interior. Possibly w center console, possibly a re-do of the arm rests/cup-holders that no one seemed too enthused about (I heard those were MB scrap bin parts.) Anyone seen or heard anything? I notice that Tesla has gradually removed most if not all the interior photos from their website.

vouteb. I find it hard to believe that this is a dealer breaker for you. While the center panel may not be perfect (to your taste) compare it too everything else.

Sorry. For your Pounds/Euros you should get a car you are proud to own. Perhaps after you see and drive an “S” you will have a change of heart. I hope so, the “S” is so advanced and the competition is so stagnate.

Not that this is a comparable vehicle to the S by any standard, however, the interior of this new Jaguar combined with the Model S's high-tec would IMHO make the Model S the ultimate DREAM CAR!....

BTW, I have never been a big fan of Jag's until seeing the CX-16, and for an ICE semi-exotic, my hat goes off to the designers, for creating a really beautiful exotic masterpiece!

Also, to be very honest, if I didn't have to drive so far, I personally would even consider moving my deposit to own a CX-16, as it is IMHO a far more impressive looking vehicle overall for the same price as a fully loaded performance Model S. If it was a full EV, it would be a DONE DEAL!

That's an absolutely gorgeous coupe, but as you state not comparable to the Model S sedan.

Other than having a console and some framing around the infortainment screen, I don't follow how any of the other interior design aspects could be usefully applied to the Model S interior which has to accommodate a 17" screen with the other complementary "through-the-wheel" screen.


vouteb. I find it hard to believe that this is a dealer breaker for you. While the center panel may not be as we might prefer, compare it too everything else.

Sorry. For your Pounds/Euros you should get a car you are proud to own. Perhaps after you see and drive an “S” you will have a change of heart. I hope so, the “S” is so advanced and the competition is so stagnate.

That Jaguar interior is plain ugly to me...


I guess my main point with the CX-16 comparison in a nutshell is... Tesla's designers really need to think beyond the scope of your average ‘mini-van driver’ with regard to the interior quality and overall final design. With a $100k price-tag, the vast majority of 'real-world' buyers are going to be highly turned-off by the current beta interior design, and it could very well affect sales in the long run! Especially with options like the Jaguar CX-16, Porsche Panamera, etc.

Again, EV tec and saving the planet aside, the factual reality is... ANYONE with $100k available to buy a new car is not likely thinking purely about current and future gas prices, much less morality of greenhouse gasses! Tesla really needs to consider that into their equation right now, until they decided to mass produce a fully loaded economy version of their EV cars to the $40k and under market.

Again, if this were to be a fully loaded $40k car, most would accept the current interior design without any hesitation, but it’s NOT a fully loaded $40k car.

I have had an Aston Martin DB7 and now a Jag(downgrade!).

Just want to look it really smooth and not clunky.

Once we experience a drive in the car, I think minor issues like consoles and the available colors of leather will quickly become irrelevant issues.

Whilst I need to wait an extra 6 month before they make the right hand drive for me (UK), the good news is that you US Drivers would have 'found' and hopefully have sorted out the first faults.

"the good news is that you US Drivers would have 'found' and hopefully have sorted out the first faults."

Hey, glad to help! :-)

Pretty sure they are not thinking about the average mini-van driver at all. My wife's Odyssey has around 20 cupholders for 7 passengers. Even I think that's a little over the top.

Thanks, Mycroft!


I don't agree, after sitting the beta S for a good 30 minuets (aside from the 17" touch-screen) I was thinking and feeling very 'mom and dad mobile'. Especially with the center purse / diaper bag holder. Very Kia / Hyundi looking right now.


Not sure if you have sat in a beta Model S yet, however at this point, if you are expecting the quality interior design and style of a Austin Martin, you are going to be fairly disappointed.


I agree that the Beta interior can be improved with the addition of a console and framing around the infotainment screen. I just think that the rather conventional Jaguar interior you used as an example has nothing useful to offer to help the Tesla designers to integrate their screens, etc.


@TikiMan, Austin Mini, Aston Martin. Both have some legendary status and both are good to drive, but interior is better in Aston. :-P

@mycroft i think minor issues like consoles and available color of leather will quickly become irrelevant issues.

I disagree. Regardless of other aspects of the car, the beta interior is an inferior design in any otherwise superior vehicle. Many people, myself included, put heavy weight on the interior (it's where you "live" while driving). If TM did not respond to an overwhelmingly negative response to the beta interior, I'll be very disappointed. I'll still buy the car, but as I noted earlier in this thread, I'll make the necessary mods to make it right. I shouldn't have to do that when I'm spending $95K on a car.

If the production S has a lightly tweaked beta interior, I'll bet it's panned by the automotive media when the car is reviewed. That would be a shame.

Correction: I'll bet the interior is panned ...


Understood, and the CX-16 is not exactly what I expect Tesla to do either. however, I am just trying to show what kind of competation Tesla will be up against vying for the 100k USD auto market. The Model S needs to surpass expectations in all categories to make a mark. Otherwise, the end will not justify the means.


Yes, I 100% agree! The WHOLE POINT of this vehicle is to sell to the long-distance executive commuter (like myself). If the average higher-income executive (with a long commute) doesn't find it appealing, they will just buy a less expensive luxury ICE vehicle, and spend the savings on gas, until a really luxury EV hits the market. By that time, Tesla will have already missed the mark, and we will all be stuck with an overpriced EV with no one around to support it.

Again, it's in ALL our best interest to see Tesla succeed, regardless of how 'fan-boy' excited we are about the car. Reality is reality.

I realize it's just a shadow, but when I was looking at a thumbnail it looked like a two-tone steering wheel. Just thought it was interesting enough to share...

I too like the saddle or darker brown leather. Maybe Tesla reads these posts and maybe not. One sure way to get the message across is to write to the customer advocates. They are, in my experience, responsive.

The C-X16 is, by its own description, a sports car. Not even close to apples and apples, more like apples and pecans.

Wow, is that CX-16 interior ugly. The center console looks like a $25 knock-off video game. From 1990.

Of course, the best thing about looking a still pictures of Jags is that they can photo-shop delete all the major pieces that fall off every few minutes. Have you seen the latest Consumer Reports review on Jaguar? Do not spend a dolloar/pound/euro on them.

Back to Tesla: a saddle-brown lether options would be nice. But I'd probably keep the tan. Looks really good with a green or red exterior.

I have to diagree with mycroft on this. I think the lack of storage/center console wiill only get more irritating as time goes on. Once the inital "wow I finally got my electric car" feeling wears off, things that affect your every day use start to become glaringly apparent. When the center divider/plastic runners/ whatever you want to call it start collecting sunglasses, parking ids, valet tickets, dust, it is going to look like a junked up minivan on the inside.

We currently use our center console in much the same we we use our "junk droor" in the kitchen. Same goes for the glove box (there are no gloves in there, but a ton of junk).

I'm hoping we can be more organized and not use the car in that way. The experiment will be to clean out those things, organize the safety stuff (paper maps, tire guage, flashlight...etc) into the trunk. Then see how long we can go without putting anything in each space to figure out what our needs are.

I think all we really need is a trash bag.

OT warning.

This reminds me of a humor item in Reader's Digest a number of decades ago. This is only from memory, but following is the gist of the item.

A father driving on a family vacation enters a national park. After getting entry, the park ranger asks the driver if he had a litter bag. Looking around at all the kids, etc. he replies "Yes. I'm driving it."

Time out, what am I missing? I have owned 5 luxury cars and I have worked at a BMW and an Audi (Jeep and Subaru) dealerships. I have been reading forum members being critical of the Beta interior (dash and console). So, I scoped the 2012 Mercedes S, BMW 5 Series, Audi 6, Jaguar XF, Panamera…and frankly I wasn’t blown away. They all look very similar, nothing all that special. To me, the “S’s”interior is looking pretty stand out in comparison.

So … enlighten me! What is so great about the Europeans, and thank you I have heard quite enough about lack of center console, cupholders, and the 17” screen. Everything can be better (especially me) except my wife, she IS perfect.

What a coincidence! My wife is also perfect.

This is the part where Peter and Stephen have lunch, and mention their wives' commentaries about the Model S only to discover that both wives have the same maiden name.

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