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Where are the superchargers?

We know the city's but not the locations. LA is at Space-X, but the rest ?

Was there about two weeks ago. Still only one charger at the side of the shell station. Was told by
another Tesla owner that additional ones would located be near the restaurant but will not be installed
until Feb or later. There have been several occasions of one car charging and two waiting at the
existing charge point. This is a critical location....

@hammy16...thanks for the update. I wish they would hurry so I can take a trip down to Disneyland from SF area without having to worry about range anxiety.

I used the Supercharger in Delaware today. What a pleasure passing the lines at the pumps. Also, met a fellow Tesla owner and possibly sold another to another person leaving the rest area. There are FOUR terminals.

I think it would be very impressive if Tesla gives a schedule of stations that are going to be built and approximate time.

@ylyubarsky: I wholeheartedly agree, but don't expect them to do that.

Think how many calls/emails they get now asking when will I be ready to configure, what's my delivery window, when will I get my VIN, etc., etc. From what I've read on the forums, and the number of times Tesla customers seem to feel a need to contact Tesla, putting out a schedule of any sort would just give them an additional flood of requests for more specific data: What's the exact address, how many bays will there be, are you going to add more later, how come it's not open yet, what phase of contract/construction is it in now, etc. So if they did something like this, it would have to be "all in" or not at all. Meaning they give us a webpage that is continuously updated with all the information to answer the questions above and the many more that I didn't think of, which probably opens the door to complaints that they promised something and then changed it later.

They were asking for suggestions and assistance in securing sites for SCs; it seems the bottleneck is approvals and such. They have hardware and crews ready to roll! So it's not like they can just decide when and where.

Yes, this thread was prescient indeed.

For the past few years, we have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to dope out where exactly the superchargers were going to be, tracking them down and finding out what phase of construction or permitting they were close they are to the routes we take or have in mind.

But they really work! We can go cross country! We can go from Mexico to Canada!

All over Europe, mostly...and China.

It is really unbelievable what the House of Elon is building.

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