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Where is my automatic lowering at speed promised?

When they took this "feature" away from me last year, they promised it would be back in January(?). Here is nearly the middle of February, where is the promised update? I paid for this feature, I want this feature, now give it back.

Version 6--don't be a dick.

They didn't say which January. But, if this is any consolation 6.0 will be rolled out "soon." Also, allow me to clue you in on the prevailing sentiment on this issue: be patient. Tesla is doing great things.

Now, don't you feel better?

Bighorn - Be polite to others. I guess you were not taught manners while growing up.

Bighorn, Rick might be short for Rickey, could be a female... don't be a....

Many threads on this topic that include duplicate questions and replies. Please use to search or review this post again:

If you still have trouble finding the threads let us know and we can find them for you. If you get an answer from Tesla, let us know and update the threads.

@CZ . If you get an answer from Tesla NKYTA will get his parking sensor retrofit for free. Oh, and watch out for flying pigs.

Guys, we don't have to be so childish in our repartee.

The update is late. Yes, I can't wait till I get it. However, it's not that big a deal. Range ones not get affected all that much, and neither is the ride.

*range is not affected (typo)

@Redshift. You're right, we don't have to, but sometimes when a topic comes around for the tenth time it's really hard to be serious about it. :-)


Oh, I haven't been logging in often, and didn't know it was the tenth time!

Today's my day off, and I have been following the fire story a bit. Seems pretty calm so far. (Stock market wise)
Wonder why bighorn and others are so , um.. 'Amped' up. :-)

@Red Shift
I'm not particularly amped up--the OP came across to me like a 3 yo's tantrum. Jay rightly points out it's been discussed to death with Elon on record describing the improvements in store. The fact that I've taken advantage of low both before and after the "limitation" and see no difference in perceptible performance or economy makes these nit-pickers seem on par with the folks who threatened to cancel orders over the lack of lighted vanity mirrors (Hi, nvjx!)

Weird. I always expect Tesla owners, like me (almost -> in production!) and many others here, to be obsessed with the car and to have their finger on the pulse of all the latest news and developments; it just doesn't strike me as something you'd dally with casually.

So given the last few weeks of discussion, it's pretty well known by the larger Model S community that height control comes back with version 6 which, as pointed out by jt(annoying ad)odtman is due "soon".

So although we should be civil and polite, I too also find opening another such a thread quite irksome and unnecessary.

Jdtodtman, thanks again for explaining conduct standards in your non annoying post.

An ad is selling something.

Rick, I asked the same (very legitimate) question on February 1st. Tesla removed my post a few days later so you would be hard pressed to find it through Some apologist react very inappropriately to this simple question ("Don't be a dick"?!?) because they have for months been telling people just to be patient and wait for January. Whoops!

San Diego Tesla. How's the lawsuit going?

No lawsuit. After reading your comments, I've decided that apathy is almost surely going to get me what I want.

Whatever floats your boat.

Since this thread is almost filling the first page and nobody seems to have any strong opinions, I thought I would pose a question to get some more spirited responses.

Have you ever noticed how excited some people get when promoting a feature of the MS?
1. The air suspension adjusts the ride height improving handling and efficiency! Incredible! It's a must have!
2. We can now Supercharge at 120kW! Amazing! Let's live tweet this unimaginable good fortune to the world!

And then some people (maybe even some of the same people) insist the feature is practically useless once it is no longer available.

1. Relax, the difference between low and standard ride height makes almost no difference.
2. Stop your whining! The difference between charging at 90kW and 120kW is only a few minutes and is insignificant to most people.

So which is it? Were these features insignificant in the first place so people should stop complaining? Or were they truly as good as they were first described and they have a right to complain when they are gone?

just saying..... ;)


Never underestimate placebo effect.

Speaking of placebo effect. My doctor put me on obecalp #3 and I feel much better.

Bighorn, you're the one being a "dick". I posted a legitimate issue, and your arrogance is really annoying.

The lowered ride height causes more camber and increased tire wear on the inner shoulder. I'm happy I have air suspension to raise the car when I need more clearance, but I don't want it to lower on the highway and wear my tires faster.

pbendo. I have coil springs and have never used a SC, so the issues mean nothing to me. However, when reading something negative, I first ask myself, is that person an owner and if so, make it private for a day or two, or list a VIN to prove it. Second, how is it written. Is the poster threatening lawsuits, making exaggerated claims, expressing political bias, etc. It's pretty easy to apply the smell test to some posts and if you think that trolls don't lurk on the Tesla forum you are being naive. Significance of the features has nothing to do with it. My question always is, what skin do you have in the game and what is your motivation.

I am not talking about trolls. They are usually easy to spot.
I am talking about legitimate owners, some complaining about loss of a once touted feature and others saying it was never that great in the first place.

Version 6 rollout delays -- Look at it on the bright side -- what cool things are they working on to squeeze into Version 6 that may be delaying it --
1. key fob specific driver settings
2. Improvements to nav to take into account traffic and not do silly things
3. Better iPhone and music app integration
4. Maybe enabling heated steering wheel (that is probably already wired), etc....
So look on the bright side and lets hope that when V 6 does come out, it will give some goodies.
This is uncharacteristically rosy of me, I am no fanboy, but the weather has been so awful that I (and we) need to think happy thoughts....

Sorry, but your blustery, ignorant post brought out the worst in me. It might behoove you to educate yourself about an issue before going off on a rant. Clearly, you're not paying attention--not necessarily a bad thing--maybe you're off curing cancer--but you look like an idiot when you go off half-cocked when your question has already been asked and answered and parsed ad infinitum. Hope you're enjoying your car--I am.

Getting the popcorn...

Maybe we could borrow FBs "like" button and the option to "unfriend".

Here is a few threads addressing the suspension setting change, the associated updates or associated blogs and announcements, or lack thereof.

There are more mentions in other threads as well.

Thanks Captain Zap. This makes clear that it is a subject of importance to Tesla owners.

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