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Where would one sell a used Model S?

I have to sell my model S for personal reasons. Any advice on the channels? Would normal car dealers take it?

I would talk with Tesla and see if they would be interested first. With the current demand for the car they may be willing to take it off your hands.

Try Tesla Motors Club. They have a "For Sale" section.

I sent you an e-mail. Let's discuss it.

Tell me about your MS for sale. I may have a buyer for you.

Would there be a tax credit again?

The federal tax credit applies only to the original purchaser.

How about the state sales tax exemption?

No, I believe the purchaser would still pay a use tax. The exemption is for new vehicles, and applies to the sales tax, not the use tax.

Thanks for clarifying Douglas.

There was a white Tesla S85 at the Beaverton OR. Leaxus dealer lot on Saturday Aug.30 2014. It looked new and had no plates.

Beaverton OR Lexas is asking $84,000. It is a 2014 Tesla Model S85.

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