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Which One Would You Choose?

If you could only pick one of the following, which one would you choose?

Panoramic Roof

Pearl White

Air Suspension

Pan roof

Pano roof. Need the headroom. I have the air suspension and use it a lot to raise the grill over curbs--but the headroom is mandatory for me.

Wow. I'd be amazed if this thread is actually helpful to you. You'll get every possible answer.

My answer (FWIW) is Air Suspension.
For: Better (IMHO) ride than standard suspension, plus you get the control over ride height if you ever needed it, plus it lowers the car at speed for better economy.
Against: some people prefer the standard ride, and it will require less maintenance in 5+ years time.

Pearl White - love it; I have it, but would go with Air first.
For: looks great in bright sunlight.
Against: can hardly tell the difference to flat white when it isn't bright sunlight; more difficult to paint match if marked.

Pano - waste of money (IMHO) - the sloped windshield means that for most drivers the Pano is behind you, so it only benefits the rear seat passengers.
Pros: lets more light in the car; if you are 6'5" and need the extra head room; You want to put a rack on the roof
Against: something else to go wrong; with a light interior the car is wonderfully light anyway; despite the heat properties it WILL make the car hotter.

OK - bring on the dissenters.

I got the latter two, but opted against the pano roof because I hardly ever used the sunroof in all my previous cars. With the Model S, it's a bit of a different thing, because the pano roof is so infinitely cooler, but still, based on my previous experience with my sunroof use, I thought I'd use those $1500 differently. I'm 5-11. Head room has been no issue for me.



Panoramic Roof

I would go with the air suspension. BTW how much weight does the Pano add. I can't find any info. on that.

Black/Black 85K, air, twin chargers, Tech

Financed at 72 months the $1,500 costs around $21 a month. Something to think about.

Pano. No hesitation. Love my air suspension too, but I'd choose pano.



Roof. I guess it probably depends where you live and what the weather is like there but if you live in Southern California a sunroof is hard to beat. Even if you you don't use it during the day, at dusk it's really gorgeous.

I live in San Diego so it's a no brainer here.


Pano with LIMO tint!!!


I did the test drive without air and am getting a car WITH air, but I haven't experienced the difference yet. However, from your list I would pick the pano. It made a huge difference in headroom. I don't even use the sunroom on my current car but on the Tesla it is awesome.

Man you need both Panoramic and Air Suspension ! Go RED instead :P

We have those 3 options on ours. Would definitely go with pano if only getting one. Active air is in 2nd place. Love the pearl, but all colors look good.

I would have gotten a white (or even black) Model S with pano roof if that's the ONLY option I could get. LOVE the pano. Open sesame: first thing I do after starting the car (likely to change come October or so in Chicagoland :(). Sunroof in any other car doesn't even come close. Better than a Roadster with the top off. If I don't see my hair flying around in the rearview mirror then I know that I didn't open it all the way. I could go on and on....


Air Suspension

I'd say none - I have pano and air but if your finances are forcing you to be this choosy, I would skip them all and spend the money on aftermarket paint protection or your 14-50 outlet or monthly detailing.

There are so many complaints on this forum about the pano roof: noise, creeks, leaks, misalignments, open/close issues, glue issues, etc. All are being addressed, but who needs the hassle? I'm really glad I do not have it.

So unless you really need the extra head room, get the Air Suspension. Smooths bumps, gives a wonderful ride, and better range at highway speeds. Prevents bottom scrapes. Raising it may help in deep snow or on steep driveways. It has lots of practical use.

The Air Suspension works automatically; you rarely need to activate it manually. It may even get smarter in the future with a software update that adds "location based" auto-raise (e.g. auto-raise on entry to previously marked steep driveways).

The brown is rare and very nice looking. I would opt for that over the white.

So it's between the air suspension and the pano roof. I would go for the roof for the added headroom, unless you have a steep driveway. I use the air suspension every day because my driveway is steep and otherwise it would scrape.

My choice would be the active-air suspension.

I had a MS loaner with standard suspension and the difference on uneven roads, driveways, and speed bumps was remarkable. You should definitely drive both suspensions before you finalize.

Has anyone experience with Air Suspension longevity from previous cars? It sounds like a great feature to have for several reasons, but I'd be a bit hesitant wrt expenses in 5+ years if something broke.

Pano Roof - has more head room BUT let's more heat in, causes glare on the 17" control panel (even the rear window causes some glare so just imagine glare from the sun roof), and there is one thick column between the rear panel and the front panel glass!

Pearl White - is very nice!... but purely cosmetic

AIR SUSPENSION!... VERY USEFUL because it can raise the car to avoid the front spoiler from hitting the parking curb, avoid the bottom of the car from scraping when going up a steep driveway or while traveling on unpaved road with large pot holes.

Pano roof hands down.

It transforms the car to a true 5 seater. Rear headroom in a hardtop is very cramped.

Unless you never plan on adults riding in the back the pano is the #1 option before all others IMO. Otherwise you are buying a zillion dollar 2 seat sedan.

I have not seen any reports of pano roof creaks from very recently produced VINs.

DDruz -

I never plan on having any adults ride in the back so did you mean Pano would NOT be necessary for front seat headroom?

Also, I was able to cut a good deal and get a Model S for a little less than a zillion dollars, so I'm already ahead.

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