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Which outlet to install at home?

Expecting my new Roadster next week. I'm lucky in that the main breaker for my house is in the garage, which doesn't have any sheetrock, so installation will be quick and easy. I have some slots open in my Challenger brand circuit breaker box. I'm either going to install a 220v 30amp or 50amp line to charge the car. I'm in the US, btw.

My question is: what outlet type should I install for 30amp, and which for 50amp? My thinking is that I should install what I'm most likely to find on the road, so that I'm not buying an extra adapter.

I'm thinking for 30amp the answer is a regular dryer outlet. That way if I travel and visit friends, I could use their dryer outlet to recharge. Even here, however, I think there are variations, aren't there?

But, I don't know the most common 50amp outlet I'd encounter on the road. I assume it would be a mobile home/RV park, right? What are those and do Lowes/Home Depot style stores carry them?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Has anyone mounted the outlet in the middle of the garage ceiling (so either side has access to it?) I realize if you are parking on the left side, the wire will go across the back of the car, but I am thinking a bungee cord would keep it clear.

Has anyone run into a poblem getting the 30 amp plug into the garage. our breaker box is on the other side of the house. the only way to run wiring is to trench up the stone driveway, any suggestions?

The other side of the house?

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