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Who handles paying taxes on this purchase?

I'm trying to make sure that I'm allocating my funding, and I'm puzzled by who handles the taxes associated with purchasing the S. Does Tesla handle the state tax and licensing fees in this process, or will I need to take care of this myself? Along the same lines, what about the maintenance/warranty plans - will this need to be paid at the time of purchase? Maybe one of you that have already taken delivery can guide me...


Maybe it's different in your state, but I think in most states, the final bill from Tesla will include sales tax, registration fees, car tax, and those sorts of things. You'll pay Tesla, and Tesla will remit the appropriate payments to the appropriate agencies.

It shouldn't be any different than when you buy a car from another dealership.

That said, if you are buying in one of those states where Tesla is having trouble with those stupid dealership/franchise protection laws, or your state simply has some different law about how it all works maybe it's different for you.

When you get your Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement from Tesla, it should have taxes and stuff listed on it. If you're unsure, check with your Department of Licensing (or whatever it's called) and make sure all the appropriate taxes and fees are getting paid based on the MVPA, or whether you may seperately need to pay anything additional.

In Texas, you have to pay the tax directly to the state for Model S. However, Amplify Credit Union suggested that they could pay Tesla and the DMV and take care of the title, though I'm skeptical!

In Washington, (which has high sales taxes and no income tax), the state does NOT charge sales tax for pure EVs. So, just the licensing fees. Those were included on my MVPA so I believe when the car is ready, I pay Tesla and they pay the state.

In Texas, where oil is king, we do pay sales tax on EVs. In fact, I'm surprised there's not a surtax!

Good one riceuguy. But doesn't texas also have tons of windmills?

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