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Who knows about battery cell balancing circuit used in Tesla MODEL S?

Who knows about battery cell balancing circuit used in Tesla MODEL S?

I'm guessing Elon and the Engineers. Did I win?

^^ Anyone else?

There is one, so did I win? Honestly ask a more specific question answers like this will be all you get ^^

Thanks for your answer. I want to know what topology is used in Tesla's battery cell balancing circuit. Or chip maker of the circuit.

This reminds me of Star Trek, The Voyage Home when Mr. Chekov (in a heavy Russian accent) asks a police officer:
"Excuse me Sir, can you direct me to the Naval Base in Alameda? It's where they keep the nuclear wessels. Nu-cle-ar wessels."

I asked one of the 'top guns' at Tesla the very same question and he told me: "It's classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

You could look through the Tesla patents. Patents are public. Of course, if something is patented, you can't do that without permission -- but you can learn how it works.

It's in the Tesla "Secret Sauce" recipe book, on sale everywhere.

Thank you guys~ it helps me a lot

You can figure some of it. The 18650 cell is 3.7VDC, 3.15Amp-hours each and weighs 46g.

A hundred in series (a "hundred-pack") gets you the 370 VDC of Tesla's battery pack with a unit capacity of 3.15 amp-hr and thus 1.16 kWh (ignoring the decreasing voltage).

To get about 85 kWh would take 73 hundred-packs in parallel.

Now we are up to 7,300 cells. They weigh 336 kg (739 lbs) plus housing.

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