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Why such a long nose on a car without an ICE engine up front?

In watching the videos it seems as though the cabin could have been extended more towards the front.
I wonder if the suspension towers are too big?
Or if there are safety concerns with bringing the cabin in between the front wheels?
Maybe the shape just didn't look appealing?

I'm curious what others think as I can't think of a good reason.

Crumble zone and aerodynamics. Also you don't want to be too radical for first generation of ICE replacements.

Why are you asking us? Ask Tesla's stylist , von Holzhausen

Was wondering this myself. I'm with Timo in guessing that for a 5+2 passenger car, that shrinking the nose might have made it look odd relative to the passenger compartment and/or lessen safety/aerodynamics.

Room for a body.


I am with Timo. It has been said that Elon is actually fairly traditional in his style. He absolutely wants this car to sell and it would not sell well if it were too radically different in style. I expect the Model X and ?van? will move the front seat forward somewhat.

Maybe the reason for the "large" front section is the need for storage space when the car is being used as a 7-seater...

To put it simply ... If this car had a flatter nose and looked like an EV vehicle it would not be appealing to me. It is just a gorgeous car that is very distinctive in its styling an design, but you do not want it to stick out like sore thumb. Having a smaller front end would not be proportional and not aesthetically appealing.

They have kept the car looking like a well designed luxury

There is a way to make car look cool and still be "futuristic". Think Minority Report & Lexus concept cars.

That said I still prefer normal cars, losing engine is no reason to lose basic chassis design that everyone knows works and is safe in collisions etc.

Aadditionally, the space under the "hood" gives them more cargo space, making the Model S the roomiest sedan in it's price point. Tesla's tag line goes something like "seats up to seven people with more cargo space than some SUVs." It's on the website somewhere.

You got a problem with a car having trunk space?

Since you asked...

No as I have kids. I do want to have more interior space than a A8L and have enough trunk space for a double bike trailer.

Here's to dreaming!

I wonder if Franz will answer the question with a question?

The answer is pretty simple. Beauty adds value. A long nose on a car is more beautiful than a short stubby nose.

Without a long nose you cannot have good safety. It has to crash / deform / compress to let you slow down more gently in case of a front collision at high speed.

The combination of crumple zone, storage space, and "conservative" styling is good enough for me. On crumple-zone justification alone, you would have a front trunk and no rear trunk, however.... which could have a pretty classic 20s-sports-car or station-wagon look. So I think storage space really has to be the biggest reason for the "double trunks".

There's also the aerodynamics to consider

Two words: "penetrating power"!


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