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Windsor to Quebec City, Coming soon. SuperChargers

Tesla upgraded its Supercharger Map this week to reflect some new “Coming soon” Superchargers. Most notable is the SE Canada route from Windsor to Quebec City which will soon be traversable via Tesla Model S....

read and see the updated map on Tesla News

The coming soon has coverage from Toronto to Quebec City however, I do not see any coming soon from Windsor to Toronto - which is well over 300kl.

Not long ago, there was a supercharger coming soon near London ontario, however it is no longer listed.

What to believe?

This is just promotion of webpage probably to get clicks. IOW spam. I'm flagging it.

Hmm... I was interested in the route to Windsor (from Toronto). I did see a "red dot" in London area before S "coming soon" and it is no longer there. It reappears in "end of 2014" along with a new dot, between Windsor and London... (this is Tesla's official map)

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