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Wireless Charging via Induction?

Read this article and was wondering if our Model S's could be retrofitted to allow us to take advantage of this technology in the future... Looks pretty promising and reminds me of the old video game F-Zero when you could charge by driving over a charging area in the road. What do you all think?

Doubt an MS purchaed now would still be around by the time they find out a way to make inductive charging effecient and then roll it out.

But it is great to see them working on it.

It conceivably could be retrofitted, but there are a lot of issues. Personally, I would never pay the cost (both dollars and in efficiency, as the inductive step has at best 90% efficiency) to save 5 seconds of plugging the car in at home. It might make sense in public areas, as they are harder to vandalize, but then you have bigger risks of a child or pet crawling under the car and getting fried.

I would like to see Nicola Tesla's vision of wireless transmission of electricity. No plugs, no charging and endless range as long as the you have a clear view of the sky.

At 3.3kW not very attractive... takes you 24 hrs to recharge. The MS uses about 25 kW driving 65 mph, so even if the highway has continous inductive charging you would not to be able to sustain driving. About a factor of ten is needed to be useful imo.

Getting fried by inductive fields is not an option, unless you have tuned receivers built-in.

In F-Zero, when you drove over the charging strip, a ship would come out of the sky from above and beam down power into your vehicle. I'm not sure how practical that is, lol.

upto 20kW wirless charging according to or am I missing something.

Dated last November. Any updates?

20kW for fast 30 min. charging => 10 kWh charge. Intended for small batteries, around town frequent charging.

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