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Wish the Model S Interior Looked Better

Hey everyone. I just felt like posting this thread just to express my thoughts on the Model S's design. In my opinion, the biggest thing that kind of makes me worried is the interior of the car, especially the back seat(s). To say the least, I don't really like the design of the back seat(s). I don't want to be booed at, but I think it should have been better. For example, look at the interior of the new 2014 S-Class from Mercedes. I absolutely loved it. I mean, Tesla doesn't have to make it that good, but at least put a cup holder (which they are going to do later) and an armrest! I really want Tesla to address this problem as quickly as they can. I recently heard Elon during Q2 Fiscal reports earnings call, and, as many of you know, he was talking about Model X (and many other things as well). He said that they were working on improving the design of the Model X. I thank Elon for his honesty, and I think he is awesome. But I hope the Model X's design throughout everything (both exterior and interior) will compete with Daimler, BMW, Audi, and many more luxury auto manufacturers. Let me know what you think on this problem. Thanks!

@hong_bernard@ho... You're right about the spare tire. It's even less likely that you will need to use it now with the early warning system (TPM).

sk1656 does have a point. The interior can be better, but it's good enough for now. Enough so, that I have one on order. The MS is an achievement to say the least and that's what Tesla is going to run with now and I respect that. Hopefully though they will see some of the misses they have and correct it in future cars and even in these current ones.

Tesla should just hire some German auto interior designers, done!

I love the MS and think the interior of the car is very good. That said, I feel like the comments made by sk1656 are reasonable and welcome. I'd love to have an arm rest in the back seats and would love the seats to recline back slightly (greater pitch). They are already taking steps to improve (rear mounted cup holders coming soon) and I applaud them for this.

I don't think comments made in terms of improvement opportunities were made out of frustration but made out of constructive feedback for TM. I love it... keep them coming! TM has already acknowledged that they must improve the comfort of the rear seats prior to entering the China market since most of their target buyers will have chauffeurs. Nothing wrong with having these redesigned and plush rear seats be adapted to all Model S cars in all markets!

I second whoever said any interior changes should be options. I would have no problem with people who want such fluff to pay for it, but I very much like the interior as-is.

@mrspaghetti That's the point yet people are complaining the $2500 leather option or the $800 CF interior and few say they will get them. Those "German" cars charge much more for those either as options or are included in the base price.

Love the interior!

After 4,000 miles in a Model S, I have now bonded with the minimalist interior.

After many Mercedes purchases, I came to expect certain features and finishes. The MS interior was a shift from those. But the other advances in the car are so compelling, I would not trade them for another Mercedes in its place.

What this thread points out though, is that Tesla is leaving money on the table by not offering a luxury interior option.

Offering those traditional amenities (console, storage pockets, cushier seats, etc.), would harvest demand from less adventurous buyers who are acclimated to the other cars in this price range.

Tesla is supply-constrained for the moment, but a luxury interior option by the 3 year product refresh point would widen the market considerably.

Buyers are heterogeneous, so no one interior style will ever harvest all of them.

It is fair to say that Tesla has succeeded in spite of the interior, not because of it.

And what's kind of kooky is that nice coachwork is such a modest challenge compared to the rocket science advances in the drive train. Tesla aimed for the title of best car in the world, and I think they won it. But the interior, while good, isn't the equal of the rest.

The touchscreen is an awesome advance, and really better than on any other interior that you can buy. But the pedestrian things - the spartan voids, missing amenities, and less plush finishes are the reason why the Model S has not shut down sales of other luxury cars.

They are already outselling A8, 7, MB S, and LS460 by 2 to 1.

When they can get to it, a luxury interior option will make the switch even more breathtaking.

So comparison of the MS is a bit tricky and I'd separate the front seats from the back for a minute. Realize that the comparison of the MS can be pretty broad from sedans like Audi A6/BMW 5 class/MB E class and up to Porsche (911's and Panameras), Aston Martins and all manner in between. In many ways the most direct comparisons for the interior/exterior is the Audi A7/MB CLS/BMW 6 Gran Coupe. Why? Several reasons: Ballpark performance, Pricing w/options, Exterior size, Exterior Shape (fastback/hatchback design) and Rear Passenger room.

In my opinion from the front drivers/passengers position there aren't really many other cars on the market I'd trade with the MS. The Display/Dash combination is amazing, the finish work of unique woods/CF inserts and the 100% stitched nu-leather or leather dashboard/door inserts is a pretty high class look that has varying levels of similarity to many of the above with some of them including bits of molded plastic in their dashboards and doors. I like the lack of door pockets that in my experience are quickly filled with clutter and then seldom unfilled. The one suggestion I'd have is a slightly better cup holder design to accommodate a wider variety of sizes and stability.

For the rear seat all of the comparison cars I listed have only a 2 seat rear configuration and choose to continue the console concept to the rear. This appears a bit more plush (dedicated armrest, upholders and more of an individual rear bucket vs. bench seat) and I'd give the edge to most of the competitors for this if you wish to give up the extra seat. When the rear seat console ships from Tesla I think this may improve the situation for folks who like this layout though in many ways for me the rear middle seat is now the best seat back there. From an appointment and detail perspective I think it looks and feels fine and certainly comparable to others in it's class. I would say it's a bit more on the Audi/BMW simplicity side over the MB/Porsche Luxury which is fine with me too.

I would like to say one more thing. The Model S is whole different vehicle and it should make fresh approach on a vehicle should be like. If it is missing like door pockets, that means less mess to some and to some a hassle. However, some things should be added. For me, that would be like the drink/arm rest in the middle. I like what Tesla came up with, but I don't think that will do it for most.

The MS interior looked a bit odd to me too at first and reminded me of 1960s style FWD cars before the middle consoles became pronounced.

After having lived with my P85 now for a month i totally LOVE the interior. Especially the middle position in the back seat is awesome with its unobstructed view, your proper seat, flat floor and and ease of cummunication with both front seat passengers.

The next, braver iteration of the interior would be to remove the tower/remainder of a console so that the rear middle passenger could stretch his/her legs. The front passengers cold still have arm rests attached to their seat backs.

In terms of front seats I think they are very comfortable even though they look flat and bench like. Bucket seats look cool in old cars but I am not sure if they add comfort or that you need all the lateral support. (unless you drive formula One at 5G)
I have driven my S through long sweeping curves with screeching 21 inch tires and don't feel that I am sliding around in the seat badly at all.

Comparing the MS to an ICE vehicle is waste of time. We are on a new frontier with this car. You'd expect Mercedes to have a cushy interior... they've been practicing it for decades now. I'd assume they would eventually get it right. They may still! Haha

If you don't like what you see from Tesla, then don't buy a Tesla. I'm sure the powers that be are ahead of the curve and they hear the talk. But for a first time out of the gate, they got it right! I love my MS85 so much that I talked my fiancé into getting one for herself. You know... to save the marriage before it starts!

The interior. It's perfect and everything I expected it to be. I'm sure Henry Ford heard the critics. I'm just glad he didn't listen.

A slow, old horse with a nice saddle is still a slow, old horse.

A few years ago, my wife and I retired. With an architect, we designed the "perfect" retirement home for us. In spite of controlling every single tiny aspect of the design and construction, (which can be tedious and way to self-absorbing) it is not really perfect. We can think of many aspects we would do differently if we were building it again.
Relax, enjoy the car. Nothing is perfect, and no mass produced product will ever come close to satisfying everyone in every particular!

Judging from the "fatigue-free driving" post, and others, I think the designers at MS have done far better than it appears at first glance.

Perfect for one is flawed to another. All things considered, I think the S is as close as I've ever seen to a perfect car.

You know what I love about the MS interior--no telephone poles:



+1 omarsultan :)

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