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The world's most luxurious, opulent, sumptuous, extravagant Tesla Model S Center Console!


3D printer?

MSD, yes... image is a link.

Looks better value that the megabuck shite others are peddling on the forum.

Is it made of Legos?


You just gave me an idea. Thanks.

No matching colors?

I get 10% royalties!

I vote thumbs down on this product, because in my opinion, one of the nicest features of the car right now is its ability to go fast very quickly and at a whim, and, well, liquid containers kind of conflict with that spontaneity.
Personally, I think that I would like to see more lateral support in the seats, and perhaps a 5-point harness option??
I suspect that the OP has not spent much time behind the wheel of a Performance version?
Not trying to be anything less than honest...


After you sue me for patent infringement. By then, I'll have moved production to

@OP, nice job. A personalized center console just the way you wanted. If you don't mind me asking, about how much did this cost to produce? How did you go about designing it?

@AmpedRealtor I like the Legos idea!

Is there a bedazzled version?

RedShift = Samsung

No, Apple. They got their best stuff from xerox. I'll send you a check for 1$.


Thanks to AmpedRealtor, I spent my Saturday morning making this:

Love the Lego fortress, it even has sword-wielding guardians protecting your Jelly Belly's. LOL

EESROCK, Awesome design, does it come in carbon fiber?


Me too! Test drove at high speed turns today and the Lego bottom grips the carpet well.

Thanks AR!

My daughter thinks it should be a permanent addition to the car.

If I had to take a console I'd go with EESROCK's version.

Two thumbs up for the Lego version. It's awesome.

Love the smooth, curved, swoopy lines. ;p

Ooh, I'm gonna build me a lego version with my daughter once she's old enough not to swallow the pieces lol. Thanks for the father daughter bonding rainy day project idea =)

The space will remain empty for my purse and my shoes. Developed a new habit to change to fluffy clean soft boots upon entry (pre-heated with the chamber). Even created a profile called "shoes" that moves the seat back :-) Never felt so pampered driving a car.

EESROCK, if it was a little bit longer, it would also be a complete alternative to a $900.00 Yacht Floor!
Two thumbs WAY up.

How much are you charging for replicas?

Another version in wood.
/Users/jerrythebeeguy/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2014/01/12/20140112-155114/jZBZXIE7RH+ctmRc2Wagrw/IMG_0408.jpg

Bad link :(

@cindy123 +1

Sorry about the bad link before. Maybe this one will work :-)

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