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Would Tesla Team up with a Restaurant chain to implement superchargers faster?

Like Mcdonalds, Starbucks, and Jimmy johns? That way it would give people somewhere to be and something to do. I know from TMC an owner said he used a new supercharger that was in front of a McDonalds:

"The northbound and southbound Superchargers are at the highway rest stops between exits 40 and 41 across the road from one another. I successfully used the southbound Supercharger last night (12/16) and it works great. Ironically the long canopy over the gasoline pumps is juicing the two charging ports next to the handicap parking spaces in front of McDonalds. Now you can get juice inside and outside McDonalds, but the juice outside is free."- Ken Edwards TMC

I thought that would be a pretty good idea. Put one at In&Out in Yuma!

Fill yourself with more oil than your car haha.

The thing that cracks me up about this, is...they should really be partnering with gas stations - they're near roadways, they have a big weather-blocking structure that would be great for putting a bunch of solar panels on...just need to dedicate a couple parking spots for the cars.

Gas stations have absolutely nothing to do for 30 minutes or more. Plus once I have my car I never want to see another gas station.

I agree they should be at restaurants, shopping outlets, and tourist attractions: someplace where you might want to spend a half hour.

I'm actually more concerned with the lack of level 2 charge facilities at overnight lodging locations, either along the route or at your destination. It will be great when the superchargers are up to be able to get where you are going in reasonable time. But some of the attraction is lost if the choice of overnight accommodations when you arrive is so meager.

We're almost there in the Great White North eh?

malls along the interstate would be perfect. King of Prussia Mall here in philly, another one at the reading outlets, etc... retailers should understand that they would be bringing in somewhat well to do customers with time to kill...

I think their plan is to be at places where you can eat or do something for the 30 minutes. They say they will roll out to areas as the density of delivered Model S cars reaches critical mass.

If I owned a mall, restaurant or hotel I would be pestering Tesla to install a supercharger at my location, does not cost you anything and brings in quality customers...

Plus if they teamed up with something like McDonalds, then that company could at least finance some of the cost, I would pay for 20,000 customers to visit my store. Each place needs 2-3+ in coming years to make this possible. solar arrays, in my opinion, are less important than the chargers themselves.

I thought a Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans would be perfect. Sit down places where you are easily going to be able to kill 30 minutes.

@tcunning +1 better choices. Probably less money hungry than McDonald's. Better companies to deal with

The "20,000 customers" doesn't really apply. Per gov't tracking, about 1% of driving trips are l-d. So 200 of the customers are on the road at any given time. Nationwide. Maybe that's 50 in all of California. Not a big pool.

Eating and shopping are all well and good, but I wonder if there are ways to incorporate or locate superchargers near nice hiking or jogging paths.

My key supercharger use cases / plans include:

1. Malibu to Bay Area (and the reverse for the factory pick up! can't wait)
2. Malibu to Portland, OR to visit parents
3. Malibu to DC, Chicago, NC, Boulder, Austin, etc. -- essentially free cross country trips that only cost several audiobook-fueled quality time vacation days in my MS

All of them involve 3+ stops, and assuming 2 to 3 hour drive times, I'd rather go for several 30 minute runs in a neat locations than eat delicious In-n-out or wander around an outlet mall every 3 hours.

The Cracker Barrel's in Tennessee along the three interstate triangle all have two chargers installed out front. I think its something like 21 restaurants total, so thats 42 chargers there.
Not sure if they are high capacity chargers or not though.

Too bad there are no Cracker Barrels in California!

Here in Sweden, one of the largest energy companies, Fortum, is teaming up with McDonald's to install charging stations at the hamburger restaurants. The chargers use the CHAdeMO standard providing 50 kW DC charging power, using three phase 400 V at 125 A.

This agreement between Fortum and McDonalds to setup charging stations at McDonalds restaurants also applies for Norway, DEnmark and Finland as well - ie. the wholde Nordic Region. The inital scope is to setup 50 charging stations at stratgic located MacDonalds restaurants in realtion to the main highways in Nordic region This is great news. Hopefully these will operational in time for the expected arrival of my Tesla in Q3 2013!

Won't do you any good if the MS can't use CHAdeMO.

Gas stations would actually be awesome! Then I would still have a place that provides a squeegee and window cleaner!

The gas stations are going to lose our business as it is, why not recoup some of that. Let Tesla pay the installation cost of the charger, and maybe, the gas station superchargers are not free (but they're more convenient) and the gas station can take a cut of the charging rate. Either that or Tesla would have to pay rent, but that might be too expensive...

I gaurantee the sales of Combos will skyrocket!

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