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Wraps and details

I was wondering if anyone got their car wrapped or got another type of protective coating for their paint in the Puget Sound area. If so, how do you like it and who did it? Does your paint have the same gloss and brightness? Does anyone have a favorite shop for routine care?

Thanks for any info. I'm especially curious how the Signature Red metallic shows through.

On the Xpel website they have a dealer locator. I suggest calling the other dealers and comparing prices. All but one have factory trained staff. I found that Metropolitan is the most expensive by far, and they include wax service to make the comparision more difficult. As I recall, Metropolitan was including four waxes per year just a month or two ago. I'm not sure if two per year justifies their higher price.

Personally, I explored several wrap options and decided against it. Wraps are very nice if cost is no issue, but I think the value is questionable.

For example, regarding:

1. resale value, compare the cost of a wrap to the cost of a good "paint correction service" just prior to selling the car. Will a few uncorrectable scratches reduce the resale value by thousands of dollars? Small scratches usually reduce the value by only a few hundred. Nothing, including Xpel, will prevent all damage.

2. body damage, the wrap will need to be re-applied if there's an accident. Some insurance companies may not pay for the wrap repair because it's "after market" equipment.

3. wrap warranty, it's not well/objectively defined. Exactly how "worn" must a wrap become to get warranty replacement? And if covered by warranty, will only the fully-worn portions be replaced? Partial replacements may not match the "patina" of existing panels.

4. the extra money Metropolitan charges for the waxes, would it be better to simply pay for one or two per year? Metropolitan may be hoping customers are too busy to bring the car back twice per year.

...on the semi-positive side..

5. The car may look better with a wrap. However, you said washing may be infrequent so even a wrap won't help with dirt. People don't approach a dirty car and say "nice paint".

Again, I understand this is a personal choice and everyone has different values and needs. Instead of a wrap, I decided to spend the money on a good sealant service every year or two. To hedge my bet, I invested the remaining money in TSLA. So far, so good.

Good luck, and I hope to see you around at local events.

If you are looking for a high quality detailer in the South Sound area who is familiar with the TMS, use Polished Image Detailing on South Washington St, Tacoma. When I stopped by for an Opti-Coat Pro installation estimate, there was a gleaming black Model S in the shop showing off the work quality. My white P85 now looks better than new. Even the 21" silver wheels were treated, so what little road grime managing to adhere easily rinses off. The shop owner, Brian Churchill, also offers protective wraps like XPel, Opti-Coat window treatment and the usual detailing services and supplies at reasonable prices.

I would always get the full front hood covered. Rocks strike the mid to upper front portion of the hood due to the slope of the hood. I had the factory front partial installed and wish I would have had the whole hood done, due to the four or five rock strikes on the upper portion of the hood, fwiw...

Opticoat Pro (5 Years) @ Fresh Start Detail, Beaverton OR. $498, 1 day.
Did a great job on my silver S 85

Our Blue S85 is a year old, no wrap or protectant, and is showing half a dozen small small paint chips on the front of the hood. The body shop said its not a rust problem (since the body is aluminum) but it sure does seem to chip easily. We don't tailgate, and haven't driven thru sand storms, but the chips keep accumulating. Maybe a white primer coat is showing up strongly compared to the dark paint job, but anyhow, if the wrap would protect this, it would be worth while.

That's exactly what wraps protect against.

personally, I found that AccuTint "full wrap" was worth it. there was a discount for having a Microsoft card. The first day or so there were bubbles but Accutint told me they go away after a week. mine went away in 5 days and look wonderful.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I got the 10 year warranty with my X-Pell wrap

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