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I purposely made my post subject nebulous because I want people to read this, and I apologize in advance if the acronym offends anyone.

I'm not a young guy and have owned lots of very nice cars; not exotics, but several new BMW 5's and and an X5 currently. They were extremely nice cars with superb design and engineering. However, I got my S today and I can't put into words how I feel about this car. I'm continually shaking my head in disbelief.

WTF? A 4500 lb vehicle that rides like a Bentley, handles like a BMW, and is absolutely Wicked fast? I have a 60 kWh battery and I'm absolutely convinced I couldn't handle anything more.

WTF? I'm going to drive this thing 200 miles for $6? I can charge it for free at the mall and other places, plus get preferential parking?

WTF? I'm not ever going to go to a gas station again? No more fumes? No more gas spilling onto my car? No waiting?

WTF? I can preheat and cool it remotely with a mobile app (plus more)? I never take the key (fob) out of my pocket? I walk up to and away from the car and it knows what I'm thinking?

I could go on and on.

I'd like to thank the Sig owners and those who took delivery in 2012, as your growing pains have made my car better and of higher quality. If you visit this forum and are undecided about your purchase, I would wager that the "problems" with the Model S are overly represented here, because those people are trying to find information and inform TM. The quality of my car was perfect - Pearl White, 60 kWh, 19" Wheels, Gray Leather, Obeche Matte, Air Suspension, Studio Sound, Tech, Body Colored Roof.

Off to do some Tesla'n. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My P85 is simply confused. It does not know what it wants to be when it grows up. I out accelerates and stops my Maranello and is way more comfortable and supple than my old 750.

For my part, I hope Tesla does not figure out how to design a car and simply keeps producing these lovely feats of engineering.

The auto industry stopped engineering a long long time ago and has simply been polishing a turd ever since. Sure, there has been some nice polishing but, in the end, you still have a turd.

When does the RED CARPET moment end? Seems like every time we are out in our Sig Red P85 and pull into a parking lot we are followed by a chain of cars with familys and individuals jumping out, asking if they can take pictures standing in front of our car. It makes little difference where we park, we always return to our car finding a crowd of admirers around the car with a thousand questions.
PLACES TO PLUG IN: We have found that nearly every store has a receptacle in the parking lot---On a Lamp post---On the building---On an advertising sign----Just ask! If enough people ask, they'll install them. We have seen receptacles in municipal parks.

My WTF (Wow! Tesla Flies!) moment will be when they reveal CHAdeMO support or Superchargers in EU, particularly in Czech Republic...

No, it won't. It will be the first and four hundredth time you drive it.

CHAdeMO foolishly designed their plug without asking Tesla how to do it right first. You may have a wait.

"Every day Im Tesla'n....."

@Brian H
There is little need for CHAdeMO if there will be Superchargers, I just don't believe they put few in here (before 2015), because CZ is too small market for them. On the other CHAdeMOs are already there...
Model S is awesome, I liked it on Get Amped in Munich very much.

@ Got Amped. It is true - all these testimonials you have read on this thread about how much fun the car is to drive and the joy of watching people watch the car, however, I must warn you. You are going to need to be very careful, lest you fall into a trap that I, and many others have fallen into. In this time-pressure world we all live in, I find myself purposely looking for longer and longer ways to get both to and from work. It's unbelievable, and it's uncontrollable. I just want to keep driving. Be careful. It has happened to many of us.

+1 TonyF

Before I got the SP I said the only cure for this was delivery of the vehicle (like "The only cure for love is marriage")... After six weeks of ownership I have to say there may be no cure :o)

@Brian H - So, d'all think Leaf (Nissan) giving up on BEVs will boost or reduce Tesla demand?

Most CEOs (certainly mine) believe honest competition is best for the market, and ultimately you. e.g. food courts
Not only does it stimulate buying, but it pushes you to be the best.

If Nissan is really getting out of the market, I'd say it would ultimately be bad for TM.

This is day 5 with my 60kw/tech/studio sound/air suspension/etc Model S. Every outing is a joy and I am constantly amazed at its capabilities as I get comfortable and push it a little harder. I'm nowhere near the limit and don't plan to be on public roads. May track it some day to see everything it can do, but probably not.

Most of my cars have been capable of 0-60 in 6 seconds or less (CLK 500, G35 etc), but that is a very narrow metric for evaluating a vehicle's performance. I am not a maniac, but I like to be able to enter a highway at speed, pass with confidence, etc. No ICE I have ever driven can come close to matching the feats a Model S can perform. The amazingly quick and powerful throttle response from 20-50, 30-60, 50-80, virtually any interval, feels more like teleportation than passing. It leaps to life and stick to the road like nothing I have ever felt and it is so, so smooth. I don't think I have even put the accelerator to the floor yet so I know it can do even more than I have asked of it, so far. I may get accustomed to it, but I expect I will always appreciate it and the confidence its abilities provide.

That's life with my Model S today. I know it will get better as Tesla pushes out new software and firmware updates, at no cost to owners. I have never known a car that got better without it's owner pouring lots of money and time into it. Words alone cannot convey the myriad sensations of driving a Model S. It has to be experienced first hand. I heartily recommend it.

Geek EV | February 16, 2013

@Amped - Ugly is, of course, subjective. Personally I find the LEAF kinda funky cool. Nor is it slow - 94mph is more than enough to get in trouble with. And 0-60 in 10 seconds isn't half bad for an "econo box" type car. It's no sports car and no Tesla, to be sure, but it's a darn respectable car and a lot of fun to drive. But I *am* looking forward to my MS.

@Geek EV - Yeah my remarks about the Leaf were a little snarky. It's just that I never even considered an EV until I saw the Model S. It really has redefined what an BEV is and can be.

@Get Amped Today - All I can tell you as that the worst thing you can do is keep your discovery to yourself. You, like we, are an Ambassador now. Your job is to spread the word. Tell everyone you know. Take the time and answer every inqusitor's questions. Promote. Proliferate.


@Got Amped Today, you post pegged our feelings after a month with our MS. I grin like a fool on the highway to work. Crack up when people try to pull alongside me and take pictures of the car. I doubt the Tesla grin will go away for a long while and hope it doesn't!! WTF!!!

I just took delivery of mine on Valentine's Day, and I echo everything that Got Amped said. After being so excited about it for so long, I actually had a little bit of apprehension just before I picked it up -- not enough to drown out the excitement, but just a little bit of doubt.

All that has been wiped away, big time! It was actually harder for me to concentrate at work the day after I got it than it was from the anticipation the day I picked it up. I was just thinking about the next time I would get to drive it. What a dream!

I just LOVE this cat fight with NYTimes. I have had my Tesla one week and just bought 1000 shares of stock because this car ROCKs. I just LOVE to read these articles by stock jockies and just grin as to how OUT OF TOUCH they are as to the sheer force of customer satisfaction. I have to admit that 1/3 of why I bought this bad boy was for the same reasons I drove a Prius...geo-political. But now that I have it I realize what a game changer It is, I concure..... WTF!!??

It only goes to show how absurd the market is to react to one idiot who obviously has been put up to smearing a car that many forces fear. You go Elon. Bitch slap them every time they try. Sit tall in the saddle. I've ordered my X. I'm all in! Kool Aide is Goood!

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