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Yikes! I locked my keys I the car!

End of the day, looking forward to my drive home, I threw my bag with the key in it into the back end of the Model S. Closed the tailgate and the car, set to lock when you walk away, locked. My wife had to come bring the second key. I still had my big Tesla grin, however. I love how the car just locks when you walk away, and I have already gotten to assume my other cars do this. Just be careful.

What's with the paranoia? I grab the fob from the key box in our laundry room on my way out to the car, stick it in my pocket and leave it there until I return home. The car unlocks with a touch of the door handle, the rear hatch opens without using the fob directly and even if I have to open the frunk from outside the car, press, press, and the fob is back in my pocket. In fact, I will ocassionaly activate some opening or other without ever taking my hand out of my pocket. My David Copperfield impression for the onlookers.

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