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You have bought the car, now let lost.

My Model S was delivered 2 weeks ago. I was given a nice demonstration of the car and the final paperwork was brought to me. I believe the delivery specialist took the paperwork with him. As I needed this for my California rebate and couldn't find it anywhere, I emailed him to ask if he took the paperwork with him. No response. I sent him another emai, and again, no response to my inquiry. I had to call a Tesla product specialist to get what I needed.
Since last week I started noticing a cracking noise in the panoramic roof. This has gotten worse and today I called a service center. The first opening at the service center, which will take about an hour to get to, is March 25th. So, I am going to have to listen to this annoying noise for a month more. In addition, some "notes" the delivery specialist was going to make about the driver's mirror not moving properly must have been filed in the circular filing cabinet as I never heard from anyone about getting this straightened out.
I know Mr. Musk had a quick response to the New York Times reporter about a "deficiency" with the Model S, but how is he going to respond to the voices of those who own the car and are not happy with the company's response to service problems?I have little doubt these voices could become quite loud.

Idiom: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

We all have problems, we all need help from time to time. Incendiary headlines and remarks probably won't make the "help" arrive sooner.

I called Freemont service center and got an appointment two days later, because that was the soonest I could get there. Although, my window is stuck open so I can't drive it. So maybe if your problem does not prevent normal use of the car, a service appointment will not be made a priority.

I think they are definitely triaging service. Minor issues will be scheduled later than driveablity.

I must say that my expereicne has been much the same as ljrudd's.
Zero follow up on the list of items noted at delivery, despite a promise to do so. After complaining (which I would rather not do) I was repeatedly told I will hear from my service center and never have. I have been repeatedly told my complaints have been raised to a manager, but I've never herard from any such person. Was told my plates would arrive long ago and they have not.

I disgaree with those who say these issues should not be shared publicly. I love the car, but I don't love the car company.

The specific problems with the car are not major; the issues with communication and responsiveness are major.

"I love the car, but I don't love the car company."


Not everyone feels this way, but authentic sentiment like this is heart-breaking. TM, please listen.

Can't get everything perfect all at once, but reasonable customer service is not optional.

Success at the mission requires faith in the brand.

I love the car. It is fun to drive, but that cracking sound is very annoying. It is present when the sunroof is closed. In my experience with a similar sound in a previous car it was due to a seal around the windshield. My guess it is a seal around the rear glass portion of the panoramic roof, but haven't had a chance to check this out as I would have to be in the back seat with someone else driving.
My last two cars were a Lexus and an Infiniti and had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with them on delivery or after. Yes, I understand that this is not usually the case with European/German cars, but Tesla should not strive to be better than Mercedes, but as good as the Japanese cars.
I accept the fact that my problem with the service center in West Los Angeles may not be universal, but it may be one of numbers. I don't know this for a fact, but my guess is there are more Telsa's in California/LA than in Chicago because of the weather. I certainly could be wrong about the numbers, but that is based, among other things, upon the fact that there are more service centers in California, and more a planned.
Please understand that my complaint is not with the car, but having to wait 1 month to get into a service center is tough to accept.

Maybe depends on where you are. We've owned a Tesla Roadster Sport for three years in the Denver area and never had to wait for service. Got immediate responses from all levels.

My guess is California accounts for 40-50% of all Model S on the road. There are now about 3 times more Model S delivered than cumulative Roadsters. Over the past two years, I've gotten to know quite a few Tesla people. Still, I was told that they can either cram me in, or wait 3 weeks. I chose wait 3 weeks. The last 3 times I was at the Service center, there were large # of cars, both Roadsters and Model S. I think it is a simple case of growing pains.

Well lj, I've decided to put my car to the service test. I sent an e-mail to tesla service about the little issues with my car.
I'm in no hurry to get it fixed, so I'm just going to let things happen at their pace. I got my confirmation e-mail from tesla service two days after me alerting them. So we'll see how it goes from here.
The only problem I really had when I first got my car, was with my original charge cable being flakey. I called service line about that, service called me the next day saying they had one in stock to swap out for me. I drove down there to get it, and even though my original cable started working when we tested it there at the shop, they exchanged it with no hassle.

My service center is in West LA and I've found them to be great, in their own way. I picked up my car at Fremont on 2/2. My DS told me that there was a noise. I really had to strain to hear it. It sounded like a heater fan on very low. I was told this noise shouldn't be there but since it was Saturday, no techs were available to make the quick, simple, non-drive threatening repair. Take it to my Service Center when I get to LA. I got to LA on Saturday nite and waited all the way to Monday morning before I arrived in West LA. There was a problem in that the "simple" fix might not be so simple. No one at the factory really knew exactly what the problem was, but the guys at West LA figured it was a touch screen and would take a day to replace. They set an appointment the next week and arranged for a rental car. I couldn't have been happier. The noise is gone.

However, since that time, I have noticed a cracking from the pano. It is the same noise I got from my Fiat X1/9 when the targa top brackets loosened up after 50,000 miles. (Yes, I know there are a few of you who are old enough to remember Fiat who now doubt what I say because I said I actually got 50,000 miles on one.) At any rate, the Service Tech told me that there was a fix that was about an hour and he was aware of the problem. He scheduled an appointment the next week. I had to cancel. I'll do it when I get a chance. It is a Tomato Soup problem.

What is a Tomato Soup problem? Have you ever eated Franco American Spaghetti? I'm Italian and they might take my DNA away if I admit this, but I have. It's terrible IF you think you're eating spaghetti. If you think of it as tomato soup with noodles, it's not bad. The roof is a major problem if the sound of a crack in an expensive vehicle which should not be there, bothers you. If you know what it is, it will be fixed and it's the only thing you can complain about, it's not very much and you're living a blessed life. This is coming from me who is a real pain in the neck when it comes to my car. But, as long as the factory/service is willing to admit there is a problem and do something to fix it and not give me the sunshine treatment, I'm happy. And sometimes, you get what you give.

Someone called us Beta testers and that's probably true to a large extent. I'd rather have my Tesla warts and all than anything else. Coming back from Santa Monica yesterday I saw a guy with a convertible Aston Martin DB9. Before I got my Tesla I would have felt pangs of envy for him. Yesterday I felt sorry for him. He spent all that money and was going to spend plenty more and I wouldn't trade him. Remember a pretty girl with a pimple is still a pretty girl. And you've got the prettiest.

Have you

LOL! Great post. Think of yourself as a "gamma tester" (one beyond beta). Every product (of any complexity) always has issues that only mass exposure can reveal. TM did a couple of years of beta testing, but ...

BUT: there is never nohow any such word as "eated". >:p Even with your Italian DNA (while you still have it).

Okay lj,
Here's my experience... I applied no pressure. Just let Tesla do their thing.
I sent an e-mail about my issues. 2 days later I got an e-mail back saying they would call me to set up a time for service. Aaaalmost 2 days later (just now) they called me and we talked about my issues, and some of the info I think you'll find pertinent to your own situation.
They told me that with the creaking of the pano roof, it is a known issue and is in work for a permanent fix, but right now they have only found temporary solutions. So be patient and when they find a final solution they will fix the cars with that problem at that time.
As far as me taking my car in for my service they said they are definitely booked for the next couple weeks. So I scheduled my service in the first week of April because I will be able to drop it off, if need be, that week.
So, from my experience so far I can't complain. I hope this info helps you. Tesla is trying!
I have discovered an easy fix for the pano creak tho... The awesome sound system! Crank it up!

Brian H,
You no-a like-a my word "eated". Issa gooda ting dat I spenta zo mucha time tryn to looza my haccent. Ciao, amico!

@Brian H
"BUT: there is never nohow any such word as "eated""

Of course, everyone knows it should be aten.

Ra, Ra!

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