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The Young and Rich

Just by looking at Vehicle Registrations and online search data, how did CNBC know that we are the young and rich. So looks like they cross check the Registration for names, Driver License for the ages, and NSA for incomes :) I don't know about the part "rich," but I feel rejuvenated now :)

Only 16.1% are Female.

Only 17.2% are Middle Class, $50,000-$99,999.

Most are 45-64 years YOUNG: 50.6%

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics"


The average owners' age of respondents on the age thread was 48-9, for a sample of nearly 500.

Nice to be called young at 64 and rich because I have a job that allows me to drive this car.

Thank you for sharing the article. I suppose the drivers for younger age (comparing to other luxury brands) could include: it has less creature-comfort features, and it requires the use of the "jumbotron" :-)

The comments attached to that article are quite entertaining, FYI.

I'm far from rich. My wife and I are reasonably good with our money and we're early adopters.

Outside of every single one of those statistical majorities. So funny.

@Brian H -- I think that trend is expected. Although the 50+ crowd is using computer a lot more, I still think they tend to shy away from the "forum" format more than the younger crowd.

The under 30 crowd also seems to not fit the forum profile as they're more indoctrinated into the social media type communities of Facebook and Twitter. Forums are comfortable for the "tweeners" that may have experienced BBS setups on dial-ups in the 80's, Usenet in the 90's migrating to forums like vBulletin, etc later on.

Comments provided good entertainment with my morning coffee.


@SamoSam -- Not unexpected. We can't all be from Lake Wobegon.

@jq5073 Take that back, I'm under 30 and can't stand using social media. My posts are very far and few between ( my last one was to get people to sign the Tesla petition ). I'm j/k about taking that back I know most people my age are posting what they ate 5 minutes ago all the time.

@Joe H. You must be Amish. :)

Yup, same demographics as Porsche Panamera owners.

So do they count buyers such as my husband and myself as both male and female or just count the first name on the registration?

In which case they counted this purchase as a male purchase just because that happened to be how the names were put on the paperwork.

I suspect Theresa is right. 16.1% female doesn't reflect my experience. Women are equally enthusiastic when I give them a test drive. Just last night, I let a friend drive it, and his wife, sitting in the passenger seat said after two minutes. "I think perhaps we should get one!" His 16 year-old daughter chimed in immediately: "Yes, I'd love to be dropped off at school in one of these". (No doubt she had additional benefits in the back of her head, since she's getting her driver's license soon...)
Unlike any other car I have known before, this one resonates with women of all ages - the 20+year-olds I have let drive my car got a glow in their eyes, and I could see a plan formulating in their head. None of them are financially able to swing it right now, but without exception, they set their sights on a Gen III. On the other end of the age spectrum of the women, who have test driven my car, the visceral reaction was the same with a couple of 60+ women, who considered it a real candidate for their next car. Of the cars I had before, most women never even expressed an interest to drive them, except maybe the 20+s, who wanted to drive my Nissan 350Z.
Something's different, and I think this stat missed a large female contingent for the reasons Theresa mentioned.
BTW: I have a fairly large sample group of testers, because, unlike any other car I've ever had, for some reason I don't mind at all letting others drive it. I even go as far as encouraging those who initially hesitate.

Is this a new show on MTV?

My family physician & accountant would disagree.

I've been called worse...

Yay! I am evidently not young yet...woo-hoo!


Yes, I think the MS offers pretty much everything women would value about a car. Never, ever having to deal with oil and gas is high on the list.

Seriously what a jackass article. I got multiple emails from coworkers this morning and was antagonized all day about being "young and rich". Thank you, you idiot, Phil LeBeau.

Let's publish an article tomorrow morning entitled "Who's driving Hyundai's?" That way I can harass people at work that drive Hyundai's.

I am neither young nor rich.......but I feel that way when I drive the S :)

Sadly I have to give @admjr a +1 on that one.

Still grinning ;-)

Yes admjr.

Perfect response.

+1 LiteWait. I got ribbing too.

I'm just middle aged and too cheap to buy gas.

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