For $525,000 you can drive this Mercedes EV

Mercedes released info on their new EV super car. It has an electric motor over each wheel, generates enormous torque and should be released this June according to the article found here: Unfortunately, it broke down during its test run, but not before it created a few smiles for the driver and reporter on board. Mercedes claims 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and then claims it is the fastest EV ever. I wonder what the Tesla Roadster people think about this comment.

The other car manufacturers are ignoring Tesla's existence in these kind of press pony shows.
See General Motors comments about how a 200 mile EV will be something totally revolutionary
from them that no one has ever done before and will require new breakthrough technology.

Why advertise your competition? Better to pretend it doesn't exist. Especially if you are a big car company.

Tesla is still in the first two stages with most car companies.

Where is the test drive report from Broder?? He will let us know how good it really is!

I don't think anyone dares laugh at TeslaMotors. Especially after the MT CoTY award. It would just sound too, too foolish.

So that means we're still at stage one?

Seems like everyone is jumping on the EV bandwagon lately... go figure.

I have to admit, as I speed by in the HOV lane, passing $100k Porsche's, BMW's, MB's, Fisker's, etc, that are sitting in 2 MPH bumper-to-bumper gridlock traffic, do think to myself I would be feeling really foolish if I were them, seeing a faster, and more high-tec similar priced car pass me by.

It's a unique situation. They're afraid to to stage 2, so we will transition directly to stage 3, for which they are totally unequipped and ill-prepared (and which is seriously non-PC), or stage 4.


For that price, I'd rather buy two Model S, two Model X and $125K in stock in Tesla }B)


Its not the beginning of the end yet for ice, but we are seeing the end of the beginning.

I took my dad out for a ride, and after he said... Thats just like a real car.
If I can translate for his sense of humor, that means..... Wow! I thought this would be some low performance, rattletrap of a plastic car that drives like a lawnmower.

And he came over for a ride the next three days as well.

Obviously, he's hooked. >;)

Is it me or is the car ugly? I love the shape and overall attractiveness of the Model S. Even if this Mercedes was priced competitively to Tesla I wouldn't want it.

An AWD model S would destroy the SLS. The P85 already matches it for acceleration to 60. Add another 200 BHP and 2 more driven wheels and.....goodbye.

Daimler AG owns 4.25% of Tesla. Toyota owns part of Tesla as well.
Daimler ought to know what Tesla cars can do.

The AWD X has no more horsepower than the RWD. It's just distributed differently.

@Brian - Says who? I'm pretty sure the Model X info I saw said that although the rear motor in the AWD configuration is less powerful than the two wheel, the combined HP of both motors is greater than the single. Plus the AWD Model S doesn't exist yet. Nothing to say they have to copy the Model X. TM could put a 400 in the back and a 200 in the front.

It's speculation either way guys.

Here is a newer video of a test drive:

I like the simple tech talk at the end. I also like that MB is doing this, it's sort of their version of the Tesla Roadster. MB does R&D on these supercars and then bring the tech into their models.

I'm really interested to see how the Model S will do in the EU, and Germany especially. And how MB, BMW, Audi and Porsche will react to the sales figures of the Model S. Will they bring something competitive to the market?

One of the big things about the SLS is the torque vectoring. This can only be done with four electric motors. Honestly it looks pretty amazing; basically it allows you to dial in exactly how much over or under steer you want in any given situation by varying the torque to each wheel (even going to reverse torque on the inside track wheels).

Other than this feature, I'm also a little meh on the car given the price bump from the Tesla offering.

You think for 525k they'd make it look better.

Just another proof of the advantages of electric motoring beyond just efficiency. I can imagine how crude the vehicle stability systems of today, with ham-fisted pulsating inputs from the antilock braking system, will feel when stability systems based oh four wheel torque vectoring will become a commonplace.

I have few observations, however, that are not so favorable to MB:

MB seems to be a little late to the stage of demonstration project, about 5 years later than Tesla.

Battery capacity seems to be about 55kWh (based on Car and Driver article indicating three hours recharge using 22kW quick charge station - ) Tesla Model S that have approximately the same battery weight, beats capacity of SLS battery by whopping 55%

Tesla battery packaging (floor pan) is more utilitarian, allowing for huge amount of additional in-cabin space, while at the same time is better for dynamics and structural rigidity.

MB battery seem to be comprised of tightly packed prismatic cells, design that has been shown to be inherently unsafe due to possible heat run-away.

That color, the chrome with the blue makes me think it's a Smurf Oil Prince's car... that has to be one of the most hideous colors / paint finishes... on a Benz.

Why do people insist on making Electric cars "Stand Out" in a negative way ?

Regular use mileage about 120. Passable. Barely. They shoulda had TM do the battery, or done it under license. Their design is second rate, at best.

The funny thing is that nobody in a Mercedes or BMW Article complains about the price tag, no matter how high it is. With Tesla they always tell you how expensive that is and with a price tag of 100k it's just not a car for everyone ...

One of The first SLS AMG Coupe EV's has been sold to Norwegian Petter Stordalen , owner of Nordic Choice Hotels

Here is a "google translated" link to a Norwegian newspaper :
(His surname has been translated to Great Valley, speed reference is Kilometers , and price in Norwegian Kroner )
Pricetag $ USD is 550.000 and is taxfree. A little more then the SLS AMG petrol engine , but because of enormous Norwegian tax on fossil cars with this amount of power, the price difference in the US will be a lot more.

By the way, his pretty wife was one of the first Roadster owners in Norway, a doctor and fights against climate change..

Almost 5X the cost of the S, seats two, and has surround-sound in the cabin to simulate engine sound.


I'm really surprised that with all that power, it can't turn a 0-60 faster than 3.9. An S Performance+ does the same, I think but with over twice the range.

Does the button that makes engine noise also blow air though the cabin so I can feel the wind in my face? Ooooh that would make me feel like I'm going MUCH faster...! vroom vroom. What kind of an idiot wants this?!?

Thanks, jbunn.

I like Winston Churchill's quote, also.

Mercedes Benz is making a version of it's flagship car an EV. This is a giant step in the right direction for everyone.
To me, it points out how clearly ahead of the game is Tesla with EVs. Except for the "Torque Vectoring" thing (which is really cool I must say) the rest of this SLS doesn't do anything that a Model S or a Roadster does better.

I have a feeling that Mercedes purposely lowered the performance of the EV to come under the ICE version of the SLS. It seems to me that with four electric motors they could've easily make it go faster than 3.9 secs. 0-60. Either that... or Tesla's technology is just better.

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