Opticoat Pro, Opticoat glass, nose wrap, and rims job

After a brutal Northeastern winter, I asked an OC authorized detailer to spruce up the car and apply Opticoat Glass and I wrapped the nose cone and installed rim guards.

Winter dressing

Spring cleaning

Nose job

Rim job

Should I keep the nose wrap or go back to commando?

My personal opinion, lose the red on the nose. How'd you do the red stripe on your wheels?

Those are wheel protectors. You can get them in various colors from several different vendors.

No red calipers? Shocked it is I am.

Definitely lose the nose wrap! If you want a different look maybe have the nose taken out and professionally painted with body color by an experienced body shop. Very shinny MS!


My, she cleans up nicely! The only real problem with the nose wrap is that it doesn't match the sheen of the rest of the car, being more matte. It does rather highlight that the T-Spike should be lower, and larger though.

Has anyone started offering a third party nosecone yet?

Was the T-Spike on the rims 'wrapped' to red as well?

Yes, the T logo in each hub cap is wrapped in red too.

Do the red calipers make the car go any faster?

lose the red nose

Beautiful finish. Nose wrap might look better in flat grey or black.


shinny doesn't mean what you think it does.

I just finished applying qcquatrz.

I also have my new TSW Panorama wheels all shinny and clean for the summer :)

Thanks for the link. I tried to use the img tags but it seems it did not work and I do not know how or if I can edit it. It also looks like g+ downgraded the resolution.

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