Recognize anybody?

Saw 'em all. My wife is both VIN fly and a vanity plate fly.

The comments on the site are deplorable, but people will eventually come around...

The comments *were* brutal...

Best not to read the comments. I used to be a really serious cyclist to the tune of 300-400 miles a week. Many of my friends were hit by cars and I eventually became a statistic - getting nailed on PCH and taking me permanently from road riding. Whenever there was a news article about a cylist being hit or killed I would read the comments and couldn't beleive that people were out there that actually thought that way. Same with these Tesla comments. I read the first few and then exited.

Snarky, but some were pretty funny....

@ Thomas N.:

Welcome to The Real America™ - cheap, cruel, mean-spirited, ornery for the pure sake of orneriness, and phobic of almost everything that has happened since they were ten years old. Although really, not to single out America, that pretty much describes The Real Humanity™

What gets me the most is the myopic viewpoint that comes with these folks that bash any innovation, especially when it comes to trying to do the right thing for our environment.

First of all, yes, electricity does come from burning coal, but it CAN and DOES come from a variety of other sources such as wind, solar, nuclear (hopefully done right) and perhaps tidal or geothermal systems. Let's say coal vanishes one day, the Model S wouldn't care at all as long as the outlet was working. Say that to the billions of ICE's if the world's oil supply drops off the face of this earth. Yeah, I know I'm taking it to the extreme a little.

Secondly, these folks appear oblivious to the fact that gas doesn't just pop out of the ground. It takes drilling, transport, refinement, and more transport to get to your local pump. Just Google how much it takes to produce gas and you will see it takes a lot of energy and how much exhaust the trucks and tankers emit during transport.

Finally, yeah, for the people who can afford a Tesla, they probably don't blink an eye at the cost of gas. However, it is those consumers that pump money into TMC which can lead to more innovation and better technologies (the mega battery factory) that will give all of us and our children much better vehicles in the future.

Sorry, just sounding off here.

Hurry up Late September!

BoxcarX wrote, "...these folks appear oblivious to the fact that gas doesn't just pop out of the ground."

Honestly, they only know that electric power plants use coal because of the talking points on FAUX News. They likely have no idea where milk or eggs come from either. Oil? That's something that is eternal and everlasting. Oil is the very lifeblood of America, never hurt anybody, and if it weren't for those darned Hippie Tree-Huggers, we'd be able to "Drill, drill, DRILL!!!", and be fully independent of foreign oil and everybody could roll a 454, 505, or HEMI at will instead of these worthless little tin-can rice-burners and 'lektrikars. It must be true -- FAUX News says so!

While I love to pick on Faux News, I wish it were just them, but the media in general has taught people to not think or even be marginally inquisitive. People half-hear a soundbite or half-read a headline and that shapes their perception. I see the something firing up with FCEVs, where a bunch of claims are being parroted by numerous news outlets, but it takes an significant amount of work to try and assess the veracity of said talking points--more work than most folks are willing to do.


O: True enough. It seems the only complete sentence anyone in media is willing to form is, "We'll be right back, after these messages from our sponsors." People don't have any conscious idea of where they gather information or how they get their news. They do it in a sort of absentminded fashion.

@Red Sage:

One of my favorite Jon Stewart segments (you can skip the first minute or so):

Y'know, we're gonna hafta leave it right there, folks!

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