17" Screen Protector

Has anybody applied protective film on the touchscreen? Any concerns or suggestions?

I applied a photodon screen protector:

MXH-3185-06 17" Diagonal - 14.5 x 9.02" (367 x 228mm) - HD Anti Glare Film

I took it to Kinko's and cut a few mm from each edge and then it was easy to apply and so far working well (just about 60 days so far). its firm enough to apply easily.

good luck.

I never took it off.

I dont feel a need to use a screen protector. Also dont on my iPad or iPhone.

It reminds me of grandma putting plastic on her couch and chairs :) We buy these items to use them...if they get damaged they can be repaired and or replaced.

Nushield offers a screen protector film that eliminates glare off the screen and lets you read the display even when you are wearing polarized sunglasses. I have it on my iPhone and iPad and it works great outside as well as on my nav display. It is easy to install and does not look or feel like grandma's vinyl couch.

Considering how much it costs to replace a scratched display system, the NuShield film is a worthwhile investment.

virtualarry +1

Is the NuShield DayVue film an antifingerprint surface as well or just an antiglare surface?

The NuShield DayVue film does attract fingerprints which are easily wipeable due to the film's antireflective coating. NuShield does have another film that my wife prefers on her iPhone which is the Triple A film that has an antiglare, antifingerprint and antimicrobial coating on it. However, this film makes the screen darker in direct sunlight where you can't read the display. It also does not work well with polarized sunglasses.

I'm like DouglasR, have had my car almost 3 months and still didn't take the plastic off that Tesla put on... :)

Worried you're going to drop your touchscreen? :P

Do you still have the plastic wrap on your latest sofa? From 10 yrs. ago?

@Brian H
I agree (and clearly, you don't sleep.)

I think Tesla would offer it as an option if they felt is was needed. They offer paint armor.

I used this inexpensive matte anti-glare screen from Ebay.
Had to trim off 1/4 inch from the length and 1/8 inch from the width for good fit.
I bought 2 since they are so cheap. First one to practice and try out the size. Best to apply with latex gloves on so that you don't accidentally put finger prints on the screen and or the touchscreen. It took me a few trials to align it perfectly.
My main reason for putting this matte anti-glare screen on is because it doesn't show finger prints which required constant cleaning.

Forget the protector and just drive with the gloves on ;)

I'm just going to use the soft tip of my finger rather than the end of a house key to operate the screen...

Fingerprints aren't the only things that show. Pollen here is unbelievable and accumulates every day and shows in direct sun light. Very distracting at noon, actually. Hope this matte screen is also anti static. I'd go or it..

I found that if I use a cloth to wipe fingerprints from the display, it activates the various hotspots on the display. Now I use a LensPen Sidekick ( This gadget has a carbon pad that absorbs the oil from fingerprints. Works like a charm.

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