2011 Tesla Motors Model S Commercial Remix By Classic Tone

My goal is to gain sponsorship by Tesla Motors, and create the background instrumentation for their promotional videos to help reach my generation (25).

2011 Tesla Motors Model S Commercial Remix By Classic Tone




My goal is to gain.

not too bad of a job, good luck to ya.

thank you msiano for taking the time to view and comment...

ClassicTone, please do not spam other threads. It's counter productive. Your posts will be "Flagged as inappropriate" by a lot of readers, and that's not the kind of attention you want.

Most of the forum readers have seen your post here in the last couple of days, and I for instance have watched the video, but I did not comment. What's wrong with that?

Keep in mind, almost everybody has a mission and a message. But the other forum members don't post their's in unrelated threads.

My apologies- my posts i wouldn't consider spam- I posted it to under 10 forums all falling under Model S with the intent to reach interested viewers on a personal direct contact, but I understand and will not continue in that manner. Thank You for your interest and please continue to support the main cause. Making Green Cool and changing our way of life for the better...

Have you considered a remix of "electric feel" ala MGMT?
just thought of that today

I see the video made it to Tesla's Facebook page - Congrats!

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