40's Need a Fix

Lots of folks who've waited faithfully for a long time, and committed to an MVPA for a 40kWh car, and now are justifiably hurt to hear production is delayed again, while noob 85's get their cars quickly.

This gripe is legitimate - TM has made business decisions that have the effect of stringing along 40KW reservation holders. (Even if that wasn't the intent).

I think TM needs to mend fences with them. Here is my suggestion:

If you have a 40KW reservation and signed an MVPA, TM will refund your money on request, but grandfather in your option to purchase at the original price when the 40 starts production.

This would be a good faith gesture to credit supporters who've loaned them money. I think it would fix the problem and reaffirm folks' faith in the company's decency.

What do all of you think?

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I got this email from Product Specialist Garrett Hatch on March 25.

Hi Xerogas,
I’m sorry that this has been so confusing. The 40s are most definitely not in production today but will begin production in June. If you have any questions or need anything at all between now and your delivery, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Have a fantastic day.


Xerogas: this is exactly why my e-mail request to Tesla was to provide a formal communicate to all 40 kWh reservation holders (with signed pre-MVPAs). Each of us seem to be getting different answers depending on who exactly we talk to. I wouldn't even call George Blankenship's forum posts last month as formal communication. In fact, the last formal communication from Tesla regarding the 40 kWh production was on 12/3/2012 when they sent an e-mail to us ("40 kWh cars will begin production in March 2013. Deliveries will begin in March/early April"). Obviously, this has slipped at least a month, but again, a forum post is not an acceptable form of communication given that not every reservation holder reads these.

@Longhorn92 +40

June might be for Xerogas's car. An official notice is in order here.

We had similar confusion when Mr. Blankenship made a statement about a 4-6 week delay on Signature deliveries last fall.

Some Tesla reps interpreted the statement to mean a total of a 4-6 week delay from the original delivery estimate. Others interpreted it to mean an additional delay of 4-6 weeks on top of the most recent delivery estimate that we received. Another interpretation was that it to meant another 4-6 weeks from the date of the announcement.

I understand your frustration. If it helps any, I can say that we are all happy owners today. You can check out the threads back in September, Octover and November and see for yourself.

Probably doesn't mean anything, but my status has changed back to the factory is building line.

Mine as well.

My status has changed to factory is building model s

Mine too. This is in line with the thoughts I expressed earlier about Elon's recent tweet. I think (and hope) the anouncement on Thursday could be related to 40's production. TM had told us 40kwh battery production was scheduled to begin in March, and maybe the batteries are ready for the production line. Fingers crossed.

Unlikely. What would 40s have to do with Elon's money-mouth-match comment? Nada.

Looks like I may hav found a fix for the 40

BMW may deliver this sooner the way things are not going. It may be time for a switch.

I just received a call from Tesla today and they are again estimating mid to late summer for delivery of the 40s (for all 40s and not just my configuration in particular). The rep had no updates/comments regarding the email George sent out in December about the March/April deliveries or any updates/comments about George's post last month about it slipping only about a month.

The rep also wanted to know if I was interested in upgrading to the 60.

Late April deliveries are still planned if testing goes well. The first 40's quietly rolled off the line on 3/28 according to a reliable source. Stay tuned... I think we'll hear good news from TM after they have a chance to test the cars. We're almost there :)

Nice, tuned in to eAdopter! Let us know bro!

They love to push the 60s when speak to them but they never offer an incentive to make the move. After all the delays you would think they would be a bit more proper in regards to this. I am sure I am not the only one who was Tesla crazed fan who is starting to get angored. I'm am at this point starting to feel used.

First off the assembly. I can only hope so except I have lost any faith. I will at this point only believe it when I see it. I can no longer trust the words of Tesla after being so mislead so many times.

eAdopter, I hope that your source is reliable. Any news on the 40's from Tesla would be nice (and a refreshing change). Good news on the 40's would be even better.

Suggestion for Tesla regarding 40kwh cars:


murraypetera. the incentive is you get your car sooner.

C'mon, EAdopter. April Fool's Day isn't till Monday. You had me going there until you said "reliable source" in conjunction with Tesla. No such thing, unless you have a direct line to EM.

DTsea - if that's the case, Tesla should have been open from the beginning and stated that the people who reserved the 85s and 60s would get priority in delivery. What's the incentive for us to give them a $5000, interest free, loan for 2-4 years if we could have just kept our money, invested it, and wait until late 2012 to make a reservation for an 85 or 60 and get it 3 months later? This defeats the whole point of calling it a "reservation".

Tesla needs to be so much better at their communication - internally and externally. The reason we have heard so many conflicting messages about the 40kwh deliveries from Tesla's customer service reps is because they are like us - they are totally in the dark about this just as much as we are and everything they say is just speculation. That is completely at the fault of the senior leadership team at Tesla.

+1 @Epic Combover

Well said, and a fair summary, Epic Combover.

While I don't believe TM set out to disappoint 40 buyers, what is needed now is better communication, and a good faith gesture to set it right.

Once your car has been delivered, there has to be a reason to feel that trusting TM for years with your money was worth it. Without that, they'd lose the hearts of those 40 buyers who gave TM their faith.

The guys who run TM are pioneers. They don't always get it right at first, but in the end they do. I think they'll ultimately come through here too.

I'm 99% sure that the production schedule for the 40 cannot be accelerated. The supply chain for it, including most importantly battery assembly, is locked into contractual agreements. I'm sure that Tesla does know the exact earliest possible date that the 40s will be rolling off the line. However, any number of things may cause production to slip, so Tesla is hesitant to announce a firm date.

I've been through this with new BMW models as well. (for instance, I'm still waiting for the firm availability date for the i3) And need we mention the iPhone? Apple doesn't generally make any product announcements until a few weeks before the item is available to buy.

The sad truth is that when the 40s are available, a person that reserved this month may get their car only 4-6 weeks after one of the early pioneers that reserved over a year ago. When I get my Red in a few months, the same rule will apply. Standing in a long line just doesn't offer much privilege in the big scheme of things, but without all of your cash deposits, Telsa may not have survived. You have our eternal gratitude!

It's obviously a problem to make a car that's only 50% less limited than the EV competition.

An Audi hybrid? Wrong forum.

There. Fixed that for ya.

40s aren't going into production (if anyone hasn't read the blog already).

well, 40's: you just got "a fix". Wow. Way to go Tesla IMO.

This is a stunning announcement.

Based on the press release tonight, Elon did a stand-up job of resolving this imbroglio in a single decisive move.

40's get an outstanding deal.

40's get the bigger 60 pack, (and apparently SuperCharger wiring), and can software upgrade to full 60 spec for the difference in price at some future date of their choosing.

This also means that deliveries will speed up considerably, since 60's are already in production.

All in all, a spectacular reciprocation for the trust we've extended to the company.

40's should be very pleased indeed.

A remarkably happy resolution of the bumps in the road to change the world. TM's sincereity about this mission is inarguably manifest in this decision.


That is what I call pampering. You get a better car then ordered and have the option to upgrade later to 60kWh and SC. Well done TM.

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