Am i losing it ?

I've been riding on the Tesla wave for months, googled it everyday, youtubed it almost everyday, purchased some stock last week and for the first time saw one in REAL life on the opposite highway lane doing 40 MPH.

I briefly saw the bumper/hood first without realizing what it was, checked out the side in an instant and my side mirror to confirm what i thought it was, as soon as i saw the taillights i knew what passed me by, FREAKING TESLA MS !!!!!!! i screamed of fucking joy, looking myself in the rear view mirror and share the experience with my reflection since i was alone !

quite frustrated that i couldn't do a u-turn too !!! made my day if not my future life !

this car is killing me

To answer your question, maybe, but if so then I've already lost it.

Yesterday I saw a car giving another car a "jump" and I couldn't stop laughing. Clearly, I've lost it....

Yup. We all have.

Your not losing've found it!

I have found myself to be changing my route so I can trail a Tesla Model S. I think I'm losing it too!!

You are normal. Before I got my S, I scoured the internet for info. I was dying to see what it looked like, how it worked... I wanted to prepare myself as much as I could for when I got my S. Still, the delivery of my S is something I was not prepared for. Its emotional! To see it glide over to your driveway is just awesome!
Are you taking delivery soon?

Not "losing", long gone. ;( >:D

I just watched some kid lose it after seeing my car in the parking lot...

Stopped at a bakery tonight to pick up a dessert. 15 minutes later half the shop was standing in 32 degree weather and 4 inches of snow and slush (in their baking whites) taking turns sitting in the passenger seat for nav screen tutorials while my passenger waited patiently in the back seat.

Get used to the fact that you will become a traveling road show on very short notice.

You could've charged one dessert each, and gone home with a bonanza!

Oh Boy! Glad to know I'm not the only one spending godly amounts of youtube time googling Tesla and trailing Model S' in the wild :-)

Had a teenager photograph it when it was parked then run off down the street with a big smile on his face.

You guys are funny.

Some of you would freak out if you drove in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are so many Model S' here now that if I don't see at least 2 just driving to work then it's an off day!! There are four in my school's parking lot and I speed past Model S' on the 101 everyday. They are all over the place here now and it's great to see. Enjoy the stardom as the Model S will penetrate the market fast if this area is any indication of where it's going and very soon.

NNT. Back at it again.

I know I've lost it. I drive past the factory every night and hope to glimpse my upcoming car (they are finally start to build the red this month) racing around the track. I'm also looking forward to the day when I just drive past gas stations with nary a second look. The time will eventually come when the long lines of at gas stations during the oil crises in the 70's will return and lines an hour long will come back. Being able to 'refill' at home will be fantastic! I am a bit worried about there being only one supercharger in Harris Ranch though. Of course, that just means time to catch up with other Tesla owners!

Every time I go somewhere people ask me about the car. Every time I have guests over at my house they ask me to see the car and I end up letting them take turns to drive it. I have seen people using their phones to take pictures of the car while stopped at a traffic light. I have had cars go at the same speed while on the highway and everyone looking at my car. I now carry brochures that I give to people to read instead of answering the same questions over and over.

I am definitely losing it.

I have stayed late at work to catch up on important projects, only to fritter away hours doing "research" on the forums. Please tell me this stops when you finally get the car.

@M5toMS: No. It does not.

Right there are so many Model S in the Bay Area I see one at least a few times every week just in my neighborhood (Almaden Valley in San Jose). It feels there are more S than Panamera maybe only because the Porsche don't usually get one's attention anymore.

My family and I live in a southern suburb of Chicago, and we have only seen one every other week since the beginning of the year (if that) we should be picking ours up from the Chicago service center very soon!!! I told my two little boys we should make up some sort of game each time we see one (like when you see a VW Beetle, and yell "PUNCH-BUG" and slug the person next to you in the arm!)

Saw a black one in NJ today as I was filling up my VR4. Filling up with Gasoline is getting old...

I've had my Model S 9 days now. Have taken it to work twice. As others have reported, there have been photos taken, other drivers gawking and some drivers getting too close to take a look.


M5toMS: Having the vehicle increases "research" on the forums. It does not decrease because one is constantly searching for discussions on charging, range, "vampire loads" and phone apps.

Heard of the "Tesla Tickle"?

When you get yours S, it turns from research, to experience that you will want to share with others.

some of your comments made me laught thanks, my dream got exhausted today!!

A black tesla passed me by in South Surrey BC on 156th, made a u-turn, and sticked to it for 5 full minutes, HEAVEN !!!! now if the owner of this car read this, please let me seat in it ahha :)

Did your heart skip a beat?

Many, one thing i never noticed looking at picture/video was how WIDEEEEE it was, this thing takes a lot of space!

@todd - I thought it was slug-bug? ;-)

I probably see one a day here in Bellevue/Seattle area. Even saw one out at a bicycle race a week ago Sunday quite a ways out of Seattle. Mason Lake to be exact.

@kilimats after committing pre-MVPA I had a panic attack regarding the width of the car. I measured the clearance of the garage door and it is 4" wider than the car. I wish it came w/automatic folding mirrors.


Don't worry, you have the same clearance as my garage.. The first week I was folding in my driver side mirror. Now I have a good feel of the dimensions of the car, I don't bother folding it any more.

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