Arizona bill will allow tesla to skip dealers

Looks like Arizona is making a strong push for the Giga Factory.

I love the statement "They (dealers) say allowing sales directly from an automaker could leave consumers in the lurch if the company goes belly-up."

Does anyone remember DeLorean, Fisker, Coda, etc. etc.? In fact every new car company in the last 100 years has gone belly up by using the dealer model. Even GM and Chrysler went bankrupt, in significant part to an over-bloated dealer network. So how are the dealers protecting the consumer?

Also glad that he mentioned it isn't quid-pro-quo!

OMG- something good actually coming from the Arizona legislature! what is this a parallel universe?

Gotta love "Despite Arizona being in the running for the plant, lawmakers said the bill was unrelated." Wink, wink.

Does this mean the states which do not get the Giga factory may retaliate?

There is another thread on this, but there was an article today or yesterday in the news that said a bill has PASSED one level of the legislature. This is almost a milestone in AZ politics!!

@huzz1970; it's not a's a veritable earthquake.

But it still has to pass both houses.

Amped must have made a phone call

A milestone or a Tombstone? ;-)

LOL @ Rheumboy

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