From BI: "Another Tesla Caught On Fire While Sitting In A Toronto Garage This Month"

Anyone have more info on this? Two interesting items from the article:

"Earlier this month, a Tesla Model S sitting in a Toronto garage ignited and caught on fire. The car was about four months old and was not plugged in to an electric socket, says a source."

"Shortly after the fire, seven Tesla employees visited the owner of the vehicle. The company also offered to take care of the damages and inconvenience caused by the fire, but the owner declined."

Full article:

To add....

Author: Linette Lopez. account holder. Stocktwits is a website for investors and traders. Profile: Interested in Equities, Options, Forex, Futures, Bonds, Private Companies Global Macro... Describes herself as a DAY TRADER.

Two seconds on google... this whole thing is terribly obvious manipulation attempt.

@jks I stand partially corrected. The deaths were as you stated. But I can't keep up with the GM recalls apparently lol. Here you go

Please note "says a source" at the end of first sentence. That's a disclaimer which means anything said in this article can not be verified and we are not responsible for it.


Did anyone see the rims on that Tesla?

Those are not Tesla rims.

My point: can you draw some conclusion about the owner of a car based on their choice of rims?

TDurden, point taken...The bad rims you own end up owning you ;)

This whole story sounds extremely fishy. Would very much like to hear direct and attributable quotes from the owner, fire brigade, police (if arson is suspected) and of course Tesla. Too many things don't add up.

Want me to check in with the Toronto folks on this?

It's possible that this happened at the Toronto mayor's home and that his crack pipe wasn't extinguished properly. Explains everything.

The fact that no other news organization picked up on this tells you that it is completely fabricated. There is no mention of this on any of the investment sites, or CNN, MSCNBC, etc.


LINETTE LOPEZ (Author of article)
Mamta Badkar (Promoter of article)

They attended Columbia University --- together --- majoring in journalism(???). Seems they now make their living trading stock (and reporting on companies which they have an interest).

Your welcome.

Maybe the Department of Justice can look into this. If they can prosecute Martha Stewart over $100k, perhaps they can take a closer look at these "journalists"...

A few places picked up on the story but only reference the original article.

I'm still not convinced it was the Model S that caught fire, or the garage that caught fire with the Tesla in it.

Picked up by SF Chronicle... It's only a matter of time before this goes national...

The Market doesn't seem to care about this "news" so far...

(Fingers crossed)

It appears that bears, shorts and even trolls are keeping their distance from this story.

I am not much into conspiracy theories, but this entire story seems fishy....

It has little facts and a lots of assumptions....

I am not a fire expert so I just want to ask, why is the Frunk not open in the photos? If what I see is the fire department looking at what appears to be a source of ignition, I would expect the hood to be open. Maybe they completely removed the hood? Regardless, it doesn't appear that they are even looking at the car in the photos. Or if they are, they are looking at the front left of the bumper way down low. seems like a fire starting in the front bumper area would be more like the compressor from the AC, right?


I did a lot of digging on Linette Lopez last night and decided not to post since, the deeper I went, the more obvious it seemed that she is a surrogate. Somebody likely planted this story and she ran with it, or Business Insider told her to run with it.

By the way, the "real" Linette Lopez is actually a pretty good journalist/writer/producer, just not at Business Insider. I found some gems:
She likes to write about the history of club culture in New York City when nobody at BI is watching, and she is very good at it. Too bad her talent is being wasted there.

Mamta Badkar is mostly a television/video commentator.

What's the Fire Dept. say? Maybe Mssrs. McShannock or Bryant would be willing to share information on the fire..

It's a hoax please read the forum.

"Journalist (???) Investigation"

This girls wants to short Tesla stock

JK2014 are you a conspiracy theorist? During football, when you were sitting on the bench, and the other players were huddling, did you think that they were talking about you?

PLEASE....There is a problem here. The faster it's acknowledged, and fixed, is the only course of action. These financial types are paid to report on companies, good and bad. Obviously, the market has faith in TSLA or it would be trading below $10.00 per share. Since it is at $200. per share, I think the confidence is undeniable. What I do not understand is when everyone brings up the recalls of other manufacturers. It's like political adversaries fighting about who had a romantic affair with someone else? It makes the accuser look guilty.

What does a 2005 Chevrolet have to do with Tesla? By the way, the GM recall was for folks that placed heavy objects on their keychains. The weight of the objects, when off road on rough surfaces, would shut off the ignition switch. This, in turn, would cause the electric to the air bags not to deploy. (3) of the deaths were where the driver was intoxicated and the others were all driving Off-Road. Have you ever witnessed a Chevy Cobalt going off road? My point is that the GM recall, and the fact that reporters are doing their jobs, is not something that anyone has control over. And it doesn't have anything to do with this particular car.

To have (5) fires on a car model that is about 2 years old, makes a statement. If Tesla had sold 700,000 units, then this would be a non event. That is not the case.

jvs11560. "To have (5) fires on a car model that is about 2 years old, makes a statement." could you please explain to me what you think that statement is?

Sorry for a simple question.. But slimy and smelly, is it illegal to manufacture "news", and try to make money on it ? I mean if nobody is an "insider" or has inside information, can someone go to jail over this junk ? Insiders, of course. The Finger-in-the-Wendys-chili woman got nine years, but for extortion. just curious.


"It's possible that this happened at the Toronto mayor's home and that his crack pipe wasn't extinguished properly. Explains everything."

So what you're saying is that this isn't the only Ford to catch peoples' houses on fire?

Please read jvs11560's previous comments.

@jvs11560 , could you tell us how you like your Tesla.?

Or your TSLA.

Is it possible that this fire was caused by the extremely low temperatures that Toronto is experiencing? I am also in Toronto with a Tesla Model S and I am very concerned; I charge it outside.


Most of the US is experiencing similar weather it seems but I haven't heard of any fires there lately. I don't think there's any evidence that colder weather brings with it any undue risk.

There is more to the story. I smell something fishy here...

@Jewsh lol!

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