Center console from Tesla - available this summer!

Finally. Pricing doesn't seem to be available yet but design is finalized. Check it out!

Notable that PayPal is accepted. Of course.

Cool, but the pictures make it hard to see exactly how it works. Needs a video!

I like!

Actually looks like it'd work for a lot of people, and it's nice that the materials are matched to the factory finishes.

Now who can guess the price?

I'm going to guess $495.

What do you think?

I say $400. Say what say the folks who paid $900 for the other guys. If Tesla's does go for $500. You will need to lower his to $400.

So how exactly does it open? The leather part slides to the back it seems... but what about the non-leather stuff - does that go backwards or flip up or????

My guess (it's only a guess) is $1200 - remember that the simple car mats are $250 (plus $75 for shipping).

it appears to flip up toward the current cupholders.

@crow - yeah, that's sort of what I was thinking.

Pricing? Sure would love it if it's a $500ish item. Seriously doubt it. Tesla don't roll that way :-) Bet it'll be over $1k...

I really like it, very stylish with the removable inserts. I guess black leather is the only option and that's too bad. I hope Tesla doesn't charge a fortune on this which should be part of the car to begin with. We spent so much time to argue, debate, complain and design the Center Console (or the lack of) in this forum and I think we are wasting a lot of valuable time here. Tesla finally understands what customers want, WOW! Hope this is not another parcel shelf that we have to wait for months to get it (I'm still waiting). Hoping they can hire some good logistics folks to handle the Tesla options or summer availability will become winter opportunity and we'll continue talk about the CCI to death.

Nice they are going to charge us extra for what is standard in every other production car in the world.

Absolutely will be over $1K and all the CCI price snarks will have to think long and hard then.

@jandkw - I agree, it looks very nice and I like the adjustable partitions. Here's hoping its even remotely affordable!

@rroonnbb, this is purely my guesses by reviewing the 5 pics...I think this is one big storage box with 2 doors. The front door/panel with the metallic pull can be pushed forward and the door/panel with obeche gloss can be slide to the driver's side (see pic #3) unless the panel is sitting against the back which we cannot see from the pics. I think the insert is a neat design which one can size things up whether it is a cell phone, a small cup or big bottle. Very smart thinking.

The rear door flips up. This can be seen in one of the pictures if you look closely.

Tesla would be making a significant mistake to charge over $500 for this IMO. The initial enthusiasm we are seeing for it would fade very quickly. I certainly would not buy one at that price. If they price it reasonably virtually everyone ordering the car will buy one effectively raising the price of the car a few hundred dollars for something that is expected as standard on all other cars.

I think they will be smart and come in around $375. Tesla can certainly build and sell for that with a 25% profit. There is not much material cost and they can do it all in house.

Seems to me that those guessing over $1K have had their internal value scales skewed by Tesla's high option prices aimed at early adopters that will pay anything to be the first kid on the block to own something new. I should know, I'm one of them. But c'mon people...let's keep this in perspective. $1K is what you would pay for a new piece of consumer tech. The latest iphone cost less than that. A storage bin with a cup holder should cost a third (or less) of that. It's just a few pieces of molded plastic and half a yard of leather covering. If this were any other car, no one would pay more than $300 for this. Really?
As long as we continue to show that we are OK with paying these grossly inflated prices, Tesla, and everyone else, will continue to charge them. Let's lower those expectations a little.

Looks like you posted while I was typing. Seems we essentially are saying some of the same things.

Individually hand-stitched by Elon's mother. Very pricey.

Agreed ChasF. They might even come in around $250 which would sell on most every car. Remember too that people want back cup holder option(s) as well and Tesla really needs to be looking at a combined price point, the front and back together. IMO they will be smart about this and keep the price at under $500 for front and rear combined. They would still make their 25% profit or more and not upset their customers.


Only available in black leather?

Hope you guys are right but floor mats should have been included in the 100k car yet they still got many of us to pay $325 (including shipping and tax) for something that clearly did not cost then more than $25.

Two words: woo hoo.

Now, please Tesla, keep it under $500!!!

$2495 seems fair. When I look at all the effort that went into threads about CC then that price looks like a steal.

So you need to reach into the well to extract your hot cup o' Joe? Seems awkward at best. One color? Lost or jammed inserts?. Edge to soflauthor on beauty, refinement, and apparent build quality. Price? What the market will bear of course, and precedent that it will bear a lot. The CCI may be more competitive than we think. Time will tell.


But I think the color choices match available interiors.

I disagree that virtually everyone will get one if the price is right. There is quite a few people that prefer the open space. Personally I won't be getting one even if the price is $9.95 and I'm happy that it is not standard.

Hopefully it won't be too expensive so the people who want one doesn't have to pay through the nose. I'm guessing $495 though.


avaliable in the 5 interior colours

Closer to triple that.

The floor carpeting is black, so it would blend with that. Every time I go for a little drive and put my pocketbook between the seats...because there is space there, I smile. I picked up a friend yesterday, and she put her purse down there as well. We both smiled! For women, our purses are our concealed storage space! It has my phone, and pens and tissues and ....

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