Dallas car wash recommendations please

Anyone using the service center detailer for car cleaning? cost?

Any other recommendations for TLC on the car?

I'm in the park cities. So far have only needed to wash it twice (I was out of the country for over a month a few weeks after I got the car) and have used a local high-end car wash's 'hand wash' service, which is okay for $35 but not ideal.

Anyone have good experience with the mobile car wash guys? The ones I see in the neighborhood appear to be a guy with a bucket using generic products, which makes me wonder if quality-wise there is any upside or if its just convenience.


I've been a forest car wash junkie for years but its very subjective.

dbbtex - Brian who works for the Tesla service center owns a mobile detailing business "Detailwerks" which is gret but a bit too pricey for regular use.

chris - I have used forest a few times, but I don't like them running the car through the machine (I've noticed a small chip on my wheel possibly from the clamp). Will they hand wash it?

Ultimately, I have tried to do it myself, but not often enough to keep the car looking good all the time.

I NEVER use the tunnel. Forest will hand wash just specify. Probably a little worse for the paint but way easier on the rims. Those "21s in the tunnel just makes me cry thinking about it:) All my M5s and the MS only ever get hand washed.

The hand wash I have been using is on Preston Road, just south of Lovers Lane, in UP. Decent work, $35 each time, which is pricey for routine car washes with generic products. Will keep Forest Lane in mind.

I think they may be a few $ cheaper but hand wash is more everywhere. I know that one on lovers just hard to get into and out of sometimes. The one up the street by preston is more but never seems to get the car as clean.

Have you tried the Classic carwash at preston forest?

A friend recommended one on Mockingbird close to Love field but I haven't tried it.

Carmel's does a solid hand wash for $25, including wheel and tire stuff. I've been pretty happy with them.

I've been using Nemo's hand car wash, which is on McKinney Avenue just north of Knox Street (by La Duni). It looks questionable when you pull up, and sometimes they're too busy to take the car, but they do a great job for $25. The location is perfect --- on weekends I often drop the car and go to lunch or shop, or during the week it's a 5-minute walk to Starbucks to work via wifi.

I don't trust most places with my car so I always do self service car washes. I found a decent one named Joan's Self Services Car Wash on 75. It's 1 exit south of Mockingbird Ln.

5215 N Central Expwy

It took me a while to find a detail person in Frisco (also includes McKinney, Plano, Allen, and other North Dallas suburbs). The other mobile detail services I tried were no shows for the scheduled appointments.

I have now used Divine Detail and Wash services for both my Tesla and Lexus. After the initial detail you can have them come back and wash your cars for $30 each. They also run specials/discounts on their web site - Details start at $180 (there are several different packages posted on their web site).

I have scheduled using the web site form but also just called David directly. His contact information is: David Terral 214-232-1786. Email

If you fly out of DFW airport and use the DFW valet service, they do a pretty good wash job. I think $25 for wash and interior clean. I park at the airport weekly and they have done my car probably 40 times since I got it 15 months ago without problem. Drop it off dirty, pick it up when I return clean.

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