Dallas Cars and Coffee

Any new Model S owners going to the Cars and Coffee this coming Saturday?

What is that? Please provide details.

I would bring the car - silver/black performance which arrived today! - except that the paperwork to register it hasn't shown up yet. Very, very, very frustrating.

I wasn't aware of coffee and meet-up. I got mine this past Sun 1/7 so I would have looked like a groupie anyway. But where are those types of social events posted?

@John_Cohn I just posted the registration process in this forum and them main as I had some confusion as well never having had to do this myself for a new car.

Where is the cars and Coffee information? I am to be out of town for the next two weekends, but would set up a meet for anyone who wants to see the car. I can meet easilly during the days except Tuesday. Evenings with planning.

According to, they meet the 1st Saturday each month at the Tollway and Spring Creek Parkway (up towards Legacy).

Thanks for the info John. Bummer I live near Whiterock. Going to be a long haul for me. Probably need a coffee before going for coffee bleh...

Would love to meet some Dallas S owners a little farther south if possible. There is a large quiet parking lot at HP Middle school near SMU, or anywhere else south of LBJ. Suggestions for the coming Sunday?

I'm also in the SMU area, would love to meet-up and admire anyone's new wheels. I've seen a black one recently, in addition to the Signature Red in the area. I haven't seen the white one that I know from postings was delivered in Dallas. Now I'll look for silver too.

I'm waiting on 2013 Red and expect to get it late March/early April!

Should be able to make Sunday afternoon work. I'll check with better half.

Start looking for brown next month! :)

We are out of town but may be back Sunday. post the meeting location and time and I will come if I can.

Not sure if mine will be here or not (running into some logistical challenges right now with delivery so it may be Monday) but if you post the time and place we will try to make it.

I can make 3:30pm on Sunday, 1/20. Highland Park middle school lot works for me. Should be able to stay for an hour. Any others can make that time and place?

I can't make it this weekend.

I would try but not certain

I will be there 3:30. HP Middle school.

Key at Binkley. Look forward to it! Thanks.

see you there!

running 10 late. blaming wife... ;)

Thanks Sandman and J King for showing me your horses. I hope someday soon I can ride with the big boys!

Yeah, only had 4 people show but it was great getting to know you folks. Look forward to next time! J King post the pics somewhere and send a link when you get a chance.

Sorry all, just got my car this evening after what was a complete and total mess of a delivery... Looking forward to seeing everyone else's cars and meeting in the future!

@terk Texas deliveries seem to have a large share of delivery mess. Hope Tesla makes it right. Make sure that you check everything, several items were missing for me, and there was no paperwork from Tesla acknowledging that they are missing. The Dallas service guy did a reasonable job of identifying the missing items and placing an order, thoughg I haven't recieved any of the items yet. J1772 adaptor is critical.
There is a check list on another thread. I am missing a luggage support in the back, that was not on the list.

@J King - Thanks for letting me know. I have not even begun to look for missing parts but your list will most certainly help. @sandman also mentioned that you had some scratches on yours. Did they fix those no problem? O, the guy who delivered the car also decided to climb in through the window with his greasy gloves on and so I have some nice oil finger prints on the inside liner of the vehicle... like I said, delivery was a total and complete mess. Anyway, sorry to vent it here but really appreciate the insight for what you are correcting, it is quite helpful.

@terk Jack Batson came and looked at mine, had a detail person buff out the scratchs and clean off the grease. he seems helpful. Was your driver Patrick?

My car was delivered without blemish by company called LA Tech. I did have a common set of missing items: spoiler, rear seats, rear parcel shelf.

Does anyone know if the flat tire patch kit was supposed to be included. J King made mention of that during the meet up and I was unaware of it as a due bill item.

By the way, happy to lend out my J1772 if someone needs it. I'm not going on a road trip anytime soon.

@sandman it's my understanding that the tire repair kit isn't included, although I think that's odd since the car doesn't include a spare. You'd think they could at least throw in a $50 repair kit for free. I bought mine in the Tesla store.

@J King - Yes, Jack Batson is very responsive and someone who obviously gets customer service. I called him today and despite him being out of town he called me back and very quickly arranged someone to detail the car. He also walked me through the common list of missing items as @sandman has mentioned. So far, I am not finding anything missing. I am rather impressed with Mr. Batson and the fact that he is not only responsive but is clearly someone who knows how to get things fixed and done. If my first contact with him is any indication, we are all going to be very pleased with him taking care of us.

My driver was "Mark" of Pilot Transport and while he was pleasant enough on the phone for setting up a delivery time it all fell apart when he showed up (as I mentioned above). I think the important thing to keep in mind is that the folks delivering are truck drivers that are simply dropping off cars. They have no connection, interest, or stock in Tesla or how a customer perceives or experiences the delivery process. They are paid to get the car from there to here. I also found that they get VERY mad if you point out scratches.

@eltonf - I have the same understanding, the repair kit is not standard and was not part of the list of items that Mr. Baston mentioned when walking me through the "popular" missing items.

So also wanted to mention that when I headed home this evening the radio and blue tooth connection would not work. Called the Service number from the house and they walked me through a reset. They tried to push a new software update to me but I cannot get the car to get a 3G signal for some reason. Letting everyone know about this as the software update apparently fixes many bugs such as this so if you are able to get them to push it to you I would recommend installing it.

Also, I am happy to loan out my J1772 similar to @sandman if someone needs it.

My bluetooth connection has been hosed after the third or fourth time connecting my phone to it. Everything else was working fine so I didn't feel a need to reset just for that purpose. I thought I'd wait for v4.2 which showed up this morning and I scheduled for earlier this evening. Just got off a work conf so I'm going to head out and test it real quick cuz now I'm curious... and I just miss sitting in it.

Never had radio issues btw.

Well, got BT working but it wasn't straightforward. Had to delete my device from memory, delete tesla from phone, reset tesla main display. Go back through the pair process. Works now. No confidence it will stay that way. Way off topic for this thread now :)

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