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Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?

rsamsonjr -

I would try:

This is a Dallas thread and there are several current owners you could private message about setting something up. Sorry, I would help if I had mine but not for another month or so.

Good luck.

Has anyone been contacted by "Mr. Electric"? They seem to be the Tesla suggested installer of the Super Charger for my garage. How are they different from any other electricians? When I ordered a couple of weeks ago I checked the option for Solar City and these guys started calling. Does not seem to be much conversation with the Dallas bunch. May need to flip to the Club for feedback. Thanks

I got an email from Mr. Electric. I replied - no follow up. Called twice and finally they sent someone. He had no idea what to do. I had to explain what a 14-50 outlet was and that he needed to run 6/3 wire from the box in my garage through the attic to the other side. He said they would email me an estimate. That was 4 days ago. I got fed up and just went to Home Depot and spent $200 on the supplies and did it myself (took about 4-5hrs).
If I knew a trustworthy electrician I would have paid them but my car is in route and I needed to get it done.

Great to know. I wonder why they aligned themselves with a group out of Azle Texas? There are plenty of good electricians in the DFW area. I am going to get my own.

However, what IS a 14-50 outlet? I thought it was supposed to be a 240. I know nothing about power, so i will need to get my guy up to speed with someone from Tesla so they dont booger it up.

If someone finds a good electrician in the Plano area, I'd sure like to know who they are. I called a couple but no joy.


A NEMA 14-50 outlet is for RVs - it is 240v and 50amp.

I suggest you review the "Go Electric" page of this site and this thread on TMC:

Hi All. I'm rarely on this forum since I seem to have perpetual problems posting, but I saw the discussion about Mr Electric...I'm in the same boat, first Solarcity contacted me, then about 10 minutes later they called again to say they cannot provide service in Texas, so they're referring me to Mr Electric. I did get an email from Mr Electric, to which I replied, then I called, but so far nothing, I'm not impressed. My car is due around the end of this month, so I need to get something sorted out, if anyone has a recommendation for a good electrician in the DFW area (mid-cities), I'd love to hear it! I'll be having the HPWC installed, assuming that arrives ahead of the car...

Just sent in my MVPA.

I am nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous, because this is the most expensive car I have every purchased and excited to be an early adopter of what appears to be a fantastic car that happens to be electric.

Non-perf 85KWH, 19", Pano, Blue, Black Leather, Obeche Matte, tech package and premium sound.

Pete, you did better than I did. I haven't received an email from them so far.

I finally recieved my S yesterday. Delivery story has to be one of the worst, with the exception of the person whose S was scrapped. The delivery driver certainly had a bad day. The car is wonderful to drive and certainly enjoyable. It will need to be serviced to remove scratchs across the roof. No rear facing child seats, but otherwise everything present, at least I think so. Blue, twin chargers, 85 KWH battery, Tan Leather, Tech package, body color roof, 21 inch wheels, Sound system, Rear facing seats.
Liberty Mutual contact through Raymond insured my 4 other cars and the S for less than I was paying for the original 4 vehicles.

The Inspection station was fully booked and said to come back when we finally got the car at 6 and they they close at 7. We showed them the car and they did the inspection immediately. We are willing to show the car for anyone wishing a look.

Received my S today - was supposed to be yesterday (same truck as J King) but driver was having so many problems had to postpone till today.

Car is great but dirty - my DS promised a detail soon. Almost same config as J King but pano roof and 19in wheels.

Still no registration documents - afraid to drive it outside my neighborhood without temp tags of some kind. Have others gotten the car before the paperwork?

Yes, got my (dirty) car on Friday but no paperwork. Very frustrating. DS spent two days looking for a tracking number of the docs that never arrived. Then they offered to send them overnight on Friday but failed to check Saturday delivery, so I am hoping the docs show up Monday morning so I can run around to the tax office, inspection, etc. Other than a couple surreptitious drives around the block, I have spent way too much time sitting in my garage. (At least I have no fear of CO poisoning.)

The car otherwise looks great. It fun to drive around the block. The sound system is very good (and does go to 11 as advertised). And the local service guy has sounded responsive. He is scheduled to come out tomorrow to look at a few small items (e.g., condensation in a couple of the tail lights).

By the way, the local service guy said that one guy who got his car on 12/31 had his registration documents scanned to him. I am not sure that would allow him to file the registration, but at least he had something in the glove box if he got pulled over on NYE.

A good morning:

* The local service manager came by to look at the car. Good guy.
* As he was leaving, FedEx showed up with my car papers.
* The Dallas County tax office on Marsh was very efficient, and I got real plates (not paper). The woman behind the desk said I was the 2nd Tesla that she helped today.
* The inspection went easily enough. I am not sure if the guy inspecting the car MUST drive around the block, but it looks like he enjoyed it.

Lost a good hour or so of work going to the office garage to give tours.

Mark or Jking; If either of you has time I would love to see your car. I've got a month to go and it's killing me. I am in the Park Cities but would be happy to travel. Thanks!


What documents did you need to take to the tax office to get your plates? They have faxed me a California DMV registration application, but no Certificate of Origin - did you need this?
Did you have to sign a POA for them to apply for your title?

Thanks for the info - my DS seems to be confused about Texas registration regulations.


If you private message me on TMC (I am Mark there), we can coordinate something.

done, thanks

@ markapeterman The tax ofice said that they would not register the car without the certificate of Origin.

What is this "Delivery Specialist" your people are talking about? I do not think I had anyone doing that. I have had several contacts since delivery, when I fired of email to every Tesla address I had.

Mark, there was the Certificate of origin, a bill of sale (to determine use tax) and a mostly completed registration application. Registration took less than 10 minutes.

J King, the DS (Mac) was my specially appointed Tesla contact, so I had a single point of contact. However, when I had a document issue I had no problem calling Tesla to rant to someone else. Ultimately, all the papers showed up and registration was a breeze.

Thanks for the info - that's what I thought based on the Texas registration issues thread at TMC.
I had been working with one of the store managers through the purchase and delivery process, but he passed me off to a DS afterward who has been trying to figure out the paperwork, get the car detailed, and have the service manager contact me. It amazes me how fast you got all that done.
The car is amazing - this process is a minor blemish in the grand scheme of things.

@mark and @john,

Just got my S this past Sunday and it also had no paperwork. I hadn't paid for the car either! They just dropped it off and the guy gave me some brief instructions, signed a delivery confirmation paper and left.

I was very concerned having nothing to prove I owned the car so here is what I did to get street legal until Tesla mails me the title paperwork.

Well, it is all worth the effort. The car is a lot of fun to drive. One minor operating issue I noted today: when you walk up to the car (at least with the tech package), the car starts up - radio, climate controls, wiper blades. Well, if the wipers were on when you left the car and there's a lot of rain thereafter, be prepared for a bit of Hurricane Harbor when you step up to the car (or remember to turn of the wipers before you leave the car).

I am planning to make a trip this weekend but found that I did not receive the J1772 adapter to use the public charging stations. Tesla says that they are back ordered. They said that they would send me the one from the demo car in Houston. I am looking for someone who would loan me their J1772 adaptor for the weekend, if the one from Tesla does not arrive. I can come to most any location in the Dallas metroplex to make the pickup.

@ rsampsonjr and anyone else who wants to see the car.
I can set up a time and location where you can come and see the car, and I will try to take you on a ride as well. I have already given several test rides, though I am not yet willing to let you drive. should we start a Dallas show and tell thread?

Hi All - Some great discussion and REALLY appreciate you all sharing the details about registration and challenges with delivery and paperwork. I was just told that my car will apparently be delivered as early as next week so this is really helpful. One question, how easy was your DS to work with on the challenges with the scratches, moisture in the tail lights, dirty car, etc? I am a bit concerned about the state the car will arrive so was wondering how they handled corrective action.


J King - you can use my adapter - private message me on TMC - I am "mark" - you can find me on the Dallas thread.

It was reported on TMC that the Dallas Service Center is now open.

That's awesome news! Service Center only, or is there a showroom as well?

Finalized my delivery options yesterday - and was told the nearest service center to Houston is Denver.

I'm hoping the Houston center will open soon too...

Denver (or Dallas) is a long way for service...

Does anyone know of a hotel in the Dallas area that has EV charging or RV hookups, for overnight charging?

What I have heard is:
All 3 service centers in Texas are supposed to open this month.
No more Texas showrooms until they work out the dealer restrictions with the Texas attorney general.
Not sure about Dallas hotels with charging but if you find one - please post.

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