Deletion of lighted vanity mirrors and rear led reading lights

We have received our time to build email and we were very excited about finally doing so until we read the report about there being no vanity mirrors with lights in a car which was going to cost us over $109000(before rebate) and was touted as the world's best "Premium"/Luxury car. It was the last straw for my wife. She was ready to put up with the lack of cup holders in back, cheap console etc. but no vanity mirrors with lights did it. Now she wants me to cancel and get an ICE car like a MBZ, BMW or Jag etc. What a shame! I really enjoyed the handling and performance but they are removing features which are standard or optional in $20K cars. It just so happens that my wife is senior exec with an international news wire and knows a lot of columnists and media people. She had been excitedly telling them about our new car but now you can imagine reading articles with headings like "Tesla customers canceling orders over no vanity mirrors and cup holders in rear" or 'Tesla makes a great car for the extinct Spartans" etc. etc.

We are not the only ones irate over this. There are a lot of upset people over at The Tesla Motors Club site - .

I wonder who made This "brilliant" decision at Tesla motors.

Thanks for your post njvx. I have to admit I was always fearfull of those little things that added together would be a deal breaker. I'll continue to wait and see as my turn will likely be Q1 2013. Maybe by then, they'll find a solution like the radio antena for the non pano-roof.

Tesla wants to inovate... with the powertrain, the battery, the LCD dashboard but they said they didn't want to inovate on the exterior design (Elon said that). Well, i start to think they should have left it at that i.e. create a luxury interior design from what exists today on the market in that segment. Just too many comments on the topic to be unoticed

BTW I can swear I saw a post talking about " Changes on the Spec web page" post yeaterday and can't find it anymore. It was specifically talking about those two deletions due to rear headspace and fron visibility for tall drivers. Anybody saw this post? Was it deleted?

@pbrulott - There was indeed a thread about " Changes on the Spec web page" It disappeared sometime yesterday. When I tried to access it from my browser history, I got an "access denied" web page from Tesla. Don't know why and won't speculate.

I also read this yesterday so you were not imagining this!

My wife must not be a very typical woman. Her reaction to that rumor was, "Who uses that thing, anyway?" I agree with her. I can't ever recall needing a lighted vanity mirror. It's too bad that it is so important to you. Maybe 2.0 will be more suited to your taste.

I honestly don't think there are a lot of people irate about this. I think there are a lot of people who don't care and a few who are upset and posting about it constantly.

I am defiantly getting a Model S, I am not in an uproar about the loss of Vanity Mirror lights, but I’m also not happy about it and I can’t say I care less about it, because I do care. Interior lights and checking the mirror at night is still important to me if not for any other reason, important to my better half.

admittedly is disappointing that some amenities are not there, however it took quite a few years to put in cupholders and lighted mirrors. I am just happy to get a fantastic sports sedan! I am happy to trade in my BNW 535.

Who are you defying?

You want nice cupholders, buy an RV. It has TONS of them, plus more reading lights than anyone could use at one time. It literally has a kitchen sink! That's luxury.

When did tesla delete the lighted vanity mirrors and other bathroom lights? I had no idea that they were planning on trying to turn the S into a super minivan.

I think for many of us it's simply a worry that there will be death by a thousand cuts. BTW, I posted a picture to that "Changes on the Spec web page" page, it's unfortunate if there is censoring going on of (mostly) constructive criticism.


stevenmaifert@a... | JULY 30, 2012
@pbrulott - There was indeed a thread about " Changes on the Spec web page" It disappeared sometime yesterday. When I tried to access it from my browser history, I got an "access denied" web page from Tesla. Don't know why and won't speculate.

I guess this thread may disappear soon too if there is too much criticism of TM policies. However, you will find over 10 pages on this topic at Tesla motors Club site here :

Will they still have an unlighted mirror - or no mirror at all?

There was indeed another thread and I posted to it. Basically I waited to reserve my Tesla untill I could see the interior. I saw the alpha in Princeton NJ and immediately made my reservation. I thought the alpha interior was very nice and Tesla would improve on it. I was very let down when I saw the beta. I hoped the changes made to the beta interior were just temporary but I guess not. I test drove the car at the NY event. Good looking from the exterior and great technology, fast and all but the interior just looks cheap and not well thought out. I want this car very much, however I am faced with a choice. I drive on the inside of the car and would like the extras I have become used to to be included. Could it hurt to make the interior a little more luxury class? I am in the mid 4000 reservations and have to decide if I want to spend a considerable amount of money on a car with an interior I am not verry happy with. I know I could just drop my res and let everyone move up and maybe that is what will happen.

thanks folks,

my wife uses the vanity mirror really often and just told me it is deal breauker. she had a smile on her face because she finds it is a lot of money for a car. i told her she will have space to put her purse on the ground between the seats. net result is even. i'll wait until I talk to her about the rear reading lights :-)

I heard the reason was visibility and if so then I appreciate it being 6'8.

Wow, it's amazing what some people can't live without. My wife likes her visor / vanity mirror too, but, just an FYI... I have owned a LOT of nice cars where I couldn't remove the makeup stains from the visor, because my wife is constantly fixing and re-fixing her makeup in the car. So for me, I am ecstatic my wife won't be staining my $100+k car with her makeup stained hands. Besides, I can buy her a better lighted vanity mirror that will fit in her massive Prada handbag, for a few bucks.

As far as rear cup holders, it's a simple fix, and not that big a deal for me and my family. Also, Costco sells USB powered LED map lights that work fantastic on my laptop in dim light, so again, simple fix.

On the other hand, the center console isn't a simple fix, so I am glad Tesla is working on adding this as a future option. Otherwise, I don't know enough about the sound-system to judge yet, however, it's fairly important IMHO, and not something easy to fix.

Either way, I doubt

Sounds to me like this should be a $100 option. For S 2.0, maybe even something more creative, like a passenger side fold-up dash mirror w/light! That way the sunshades aren't "compromised".

BTW... There is a HUGE reason why I don't share my cars with my wife. She treats her cars like $hit, and I don't. It's a good thing she has no say-so over my choices... LOL! :-)

The problem goes beyond our specific tastes. The majority of folks will see this as a HUGE design flaw and will no doubt point it out. I wast Tesla Motors to succeed for the future of my own purchase and the longevity of my portfolio that contains TSLA in it. Elon and Company also have a pretty big commitment to the Model S so it's imperative, regardless of how we feel, to address the basics of every car and the real needs. I would love to hear the justification for not having these basics, maybe they have something entirely different, a great alternate solution...maybe? The problem is, yes, only so much information is shared, we see something omitted from a specs page and we run with it because all we can do is speculate and until we get our cars, have a lot of damn time on our hands apparently... :)

@Brian, Maybe I am defiantly getting a Model S as my wife asked if there is a 30 day return policy if I am not fully satisfied with my car after taking delivery. I meant to say definitely however... :P Maybe also determinately? I am a little worried about the little "changes" that are coming after I have really committed and will loose $10k at this point if I wanted to go back. Secretly, I wouldn't dream of it, but don't tell my wife that. (Hope Larry doesn't read that). :D

My point is that some things are necessities in cars and are expected. Maybe there is a vision here that is beyond my nose and I am not seeing it? I can ask my rep., but how can I be sure that even they know what they are talking about?

Here's to more speculation and waiting until I take delivery and have all my questions answered.

wast = want

BYT: The majority of folks will see this as a HUGE design flaw and will no doubt point it out.

What do you mean by "this"? Lack of rear cupholders, rear reading lights or vanity mirror (I like that name) light? I think those people that want those suffer from chronic vanity. No normal people need those, if you want those so badly that it is a dealbreaker go buy Maybach and hire a driver. In nvjx case it sounds like his wife already has a driver.

Model S is a drivers car that can carry your family with you. If you are not happy with that cancel your reservation and stop whining about insignificant vanity issues.

Timo, I am not whining and I am definitely NOT canceling my Model S.
You missed the point of my post entirely I think? Take a completely random survey of cars being sold over the last 20 years. How many cars equipped for 5 or more passengers are missing the reading lights in the rear or vanity mirror lights? I would venture to bet, not many. Tesla Motors maybe taking a page from Apple Computer to satisfying a niche market but I think they want to appeal to the broader market in time as well. TM has no problem selling to Timo, THAT'S GREAT, but Timo is one of a few, not 10's of thousands that Tesla will need to market to after all reservations are filled.

Like I said, I don't know what alternatives TM has to offer yet for these and I am taking a wait and see approach. I will not hold my opinion back however for anybody as that would be a disservice to Tesla Motors. I am obviously not in the minority here if even if does at times appear to be the case.

loose = lose.

loose as a goose = lose it or use it (or versey vicey ;) ) .

Nintendo, iPad, Kindle Fire, iPod Touch... who uses an external light source for reading/entertaining themselves any more? I honestly can't see someone looking at this car for the first time and thinking anything beyond "no light in the vanity mirror? odd, but whatever." Granted, we've been navel gazing and obsessing about the Model S for months or years and any little tidbit, regardless of how much truth there is to it, can spin us up. It's extremely difficult to wait and see at this point, but when it comes to this kind of stuff that's what I'm going to try to do.

@BYT, my post was not only for you. I should have started new paragraph from "I think those people...". I just get disgusted by whining over things that I see as extremely trivial. I see something like lack of concealed storage about one million times more important than some vanity mirror light. I bet people that find vanity mirror light important enough to actually complain about it in car like this are extremely tiny minority. Definitely not majority.

I believe that majority of whiners about things like that here are just shorting TSLA stocks. Really trying to find something to complain and make big deal about something minor. nvjx starting post especially sounds a lot like that.

MandL +1 on tablets, some people are already there, many more headed that way. However, the purpose of those light in cars these days is more about safety and convenience - in my 5 series, lights go on when I unlock the doors when entering, go on when door is unlatched when exiting. Passengers can see the ground, see each other, see where their car is when parked in a large lot, see the creepy man in the back seat waiting to steal their cupholder, etc. Perhaps Tesla feels the lights in the door arms and at the rear view mirror do enough of that - I haven't seen the S in a dark environment, just two malls.


You know, I really wish we could hear about some deliveries so we could obsess about something else.

-- see the creepy man in the back seat waiting to steal their cupholder

No wonder there are no rear cup holders.

Seems to me that we can nit pick forever over specific features, but at the heart of the discussion is a "spirit vs letter of the law" argument.

Yes, for many people it doesn't matter that much that there aren't cup holders or rear lights, but Elon has repeatedly said "...not the best electric car but the best car in the world..." Not having features that are in the most basic of runabouts seems counter to the spirit of his intent, if not the letter.

"Best" is a combination of handling, safety, economy, performance...and features.

The list of features that are common to virtually every "premium" sedan but are missing from the Model S seems to get longer and longer every day.

I really hope that the features are not being removed to meet the "at least 25% gross margin" commitment Elon has made to the market. On call after call he has held that up as a sacred cow. It won't cost much to include some of these features, but the costs add up and they all eat into the margins.

Am I still going to buy one? Yes. Am I frustrated that features seem to be being taken away or were never there to start with? Yes. Would I pay an extra couple of grand to get some of the "missing" features added into the car? Absolutely.

I am a little worried about the little "changes" that are coming after I have really committed and will loose $10k at this point if I wanted to go back. Secretly, I wouldn't dream of it, but don't tell my wife that. (Hope Larry doesn't read that). :D

Hi Ben,

I'm sorry too late I read your remark. This crude forum doesn't have the ignore feature. ;-)

Just kidding I would never ignore your contributions. :-)


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