Diecast Model S?

Does Tesla have any plans to license with any diecast model car manufacturer, a scale model of the Model S? I've love a 1:24 or 1:18 scale one, or even a plastic model kit.

The only Tesla scale cars I'm aware of are the Hot Wheels Roadsters, are there any others? I have one of those on my desk at work with my Tesla tumbler, the coworkers are jealous.

There were RC roadsters IIRC some time ago, maybe RC model S too. I remember seeing those in Tesla store, but they seem to have disappeared.

Never heard of RC MS.

Look over @ Tesla Motors Club. Petition @ Teslive for Mattell to make a hot wheels Model S in addition to roadster.


I've heard of RCMP...

I need a 1/18 scale of a red model s!

It would be my first time ever having a scale model of a sedan... ;-)

The Radio-Controlled Mounted Police, you mean?

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