Electric car drawbacks, the battery...

The thing holding back electric
cars is battery technology/price. Batteries are too expensive,
don't hold enough charge and don't charge fast enough. If
they came up with a cheaper better battery tomorrow,
No one would buy gasoline powered cars anymore. So in
five years and ten years how advanced will batteries be?

I agree with Brian H. You can get odd results by not including every factor. For example it is easy to get over 100% efficiency from simple heat pump if you count in only the energy you put in and what it produces.

I just can not stand going from the subline to the totally ridiculous.

Batteries are NOT the answer. I have great concerns about the future of battery power when an airplane catches fire in flight. Luckily it did not go up in a puff of smoke but Lithuim is not the answer either. Lithium is a flammable metal. A lithium fire can actually feed on water. I am actually concerned that charging a lithium battery too fast could actually generate too much heat and result in another Hindenburg or worse.

Now lets get even more ridiculous. Since the earth has a magnetic field, would it not be possible to generate electricity by simply traveling across the invisible lines of flux and generate electriciry.

Super ridiculous, why not add a flux capacitor and harness the power of a lightening storm and generate the 1.21 gigawatt to power it and travel back in time in a Delorian. :-)

On another thgought, I want to appologize for mistakingly calling it a gull wing door instead of a Falcon wing door. While I'm on it, why did they not put a Delorian door in the front doors of the car.

@gstevens1952 - airplanes have jet fuel on board, actually tons of it. Jet fuel is hoghly flammable ? Think about TWA800, Concorde, and many others. You are OK to sit on tons of highly flammable jet fuel but concerned about a battery. Not that I am saying batteries should burn... You are just forgetting a much larger danger.

It is fun to dream, and who knows about capacitor systems or whatever, but here are four realistic battery scenarios that likely will enhance the electrical driving experience for us shortly:

1. Lower cost. Probably not that much lower for awhile. At least not higher, like most things>

2. More capacity. A 20% or so increase seems likely. This would translate into a longer range, but more importantly it would allow the current range to be driven at the CA average highway speed of 70+mph. I ain't driving my high performance $70K car at 55!

2. More supercharging stations. Lots more. Likely there will have to be partnerships. In any case it is simply a matter of money, not technology.

3. Faster charging. This has been hinted at and likely can be expected. Sure would like to see a ten-minute charge! But...probably not that dramatic for awhile.

So, if we can recharge anywhere and do it quickly, then we don't have to wait around for some magical electric breakthroughs in order to drive anywhere and without issues. Sure, someday the 500 mile battery will come, but half that range is fine without a technological breakthrough if the other improvements are made.

I think this is realistic and is actually more exciting to me than the futuristic stuff that may not happen for a long time.

The clip I saw was on the water cavitation pump, or water hammer. An independent observer could not prove, but also could not disprove, over-unity of the device. Interesting concept, I certainly know there are silly perpetual motion-type claims that turn out to be false.

Genius released a mouse with an ultra capacitor August 2012.DX_ECO. Graphene lithium ion battery which charges in 3 minutes and lasts 4 hours. The 85kW version would crack the anode and they are working on fixing the crystalline structure. When fixed an 85kW car battery will charge in 15 minutes 100%. An automotive consortium has already set the charging standard for this technology, including Ford, BMW, VAG, GM, Chrysler and Daimler. A solution is possible this year. It may also increase ion density and therefore allow more range.

Just for anal retentiveness, it's spelled Delorean, not Delorian. And the actual name is De Lorean but rarely spelled that way, after John De Lorean.

Charging time is no issue for several lithium-ion battery types. There are 60C RC batteries out there, that means they can discharge in just one minute. Recharges nearly as fast too.

Problem is that charging 85kWh in one minute requires 5.1 MW of power. With 400 or so volts that is 12750 Amps. You can't move a cable that is required to transfer that amount of amps.

What if the cable automatically came up from below and connected to a DC plug on the battery using laser-guiding or something similar? The platform could be mobile for proper alignment, therefore not requiring anything too special from the MS driver. Might SpaceX already use this technology to align its module with the ISS during docking.

I think Tesla is on the right way to develop this car further.
They are trying to make it as energy efficient as possible. The X series will have a permanent 4 wheel drive driven by 4 motors which will give it more traction. A lot of energy is lost with to little traction and grip. So instead of trying to harness energy that is wasted by moving the vehicle forward they reduce the energy wasted from the start by designing the car energy efficient. I guess if you don't use the 200 Watt Sound system, fancy electronics and use LED's with Lenses for Headlights this would increase the range somewhat.

The logical thing for Tesla to do is to get sponsor for the
Formula E championship that might get of the ground in a few years.
This would help them with the research into aerodynamics in the series which they can use for the production cars.
The nice thing about sponsors is that they pay for the research and all you have to do is advertise they products.
I hope they win the first Formula E championship.
They deserve it since all other Manufacturer are to chicken shit to do what they did.

The MX design is given on the website. One or two motors, not 4. You're thinking of Benz with its $500K design.

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