Expanding Charging Resources for EV Owners

Owners of Electric Vehicles, and especially Tesla Model S owners, can influence the expansion of charging resources. Don't wait for free Tesla superchargers to show up everywhere, talk to the businesses and institutions that you frequent, especially, but not limited to restaurants and hotels, stores, pharmacies, shopping centers, and the like. Encourage them to look at putting in charging stations as a business opportunity. Show them how they can get onto the maps and apps and trip planners, and how many businesses, like Costco, Walgreens, etc are already installing charging stations. Show them the customer profile of Model S owners, and EV owners and the future trend. No need for expensive installations of super high amps, even 30 or 50 can bump your miles in an hour. If you can charge a little here and there, where you stop, it all ads up, and saves time. Owners can talk as well, to city and state tourism offices, and chambers of commerce: encourage them to install efficient chargers at key points like Welcome and Information Centers for Cities and States, parks, museums, and historical destinations. Encourage them to be the first in their area to appear on maps of charging resources. Mention that it will encourage people to spend time in their location. Occasional, friendly advocacy, along with gentle and consistent encouragement by each owner will have a big effect with time. Advocate to EV producers too, for standard, universal charging adapters so any EV can get a charge almost anywhere.

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