FOB holder

Has anyone tried this particular FOB holder? There are so many to choose from I am really struggling making a decision.

Have you checked out this one that is being made by a member over at TMC?

pgiralt, I have ordered a couple of those as well but don't think I will have them by the time my car delivers. Looking for alternate options just in case. I have to do something with all of this waiting. :)

emo: Pete just got a large shipment in recently. You may be able to get one of his custom FOB covers sooner than you think.

I ordered mine from Pete and it shipped out the same day (yesterday).

@emoflash - if you look closely at the ebay site you link to, they state that that holder is not compatible with the Tesla Model S key.
(there's this combo box selector that allows you to enter the year/make/model that you have)

Can someone who already has a TMS (I'll get mine in about 48h) measure the key fob? I like this one but want to make sure it's about the right size :-)

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