Frozen Speedometer Screen

My speedometer screen was frozen yesterday. After 40 minutes highway driving and some blinking, it came back alive.

Does this happen to anybody?

Never happened. But you could have just reset it quickly rathe than wait 40 minutes.

I've had the tachometer on my 911 freeze before.


Can you reset while driving?

I was trying to make to the charger to do the reset.

Yes, you can reset while driving. Hold down both steering wheel buttons for 10 seconds and it will reset. So you need a reasonably straight piece of road for 10 s. The reset does not affect steering, acceleration, breaking, blinker. After another 10-15 s, the system is back on line. Nav and audio (BT recognition) may take a few more moments. Reset will turn the fan off during re-set. Nothing to worry about.

For power-off re-set, you must be at a standstill in park.

BTW, the reset does not affect any control or steering etc. functions, so it is quite safe, if you can tolerate a few moments with the displays blanking out.

Just to be clear - the way to reset the main 17" screen is to hold the two scroll wheels down for a couple of seconds. To reset the instrument panel, you must hold down the two buttons just above the scroll wheels. Both resets can be done while driving.

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