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I understand the turn-by-turn GPS navigation is only available in the 'tech package'. I do not need the upgraded headlamps or the automatic door, so $3,750 is a lot to turn on the GPS functionality. Can I use GPS or any other solution on the touchscreen? Can I pay to just get this GPS feature turned on?

You can still be a fan of Tesla and totally disagree with how they did things option wise.

Basically its just another thing that has kept me on the fence. Do I buy a car which purports itself as a luxury car, but doesn't come with nav/hid-lamps as standard?

Or do I hold off in hopes that they fix it, and they include it in the base price. Everything in the tech package belongs on a car being sold at this level. I can't even think of any competing car that doesn't have the features within the tech package as standard.

It's also kind of silly to have such a technically advanced car, but have an option called the tech package. Seriously? Oh, here is this 17inch screen, but sorry no nav for you. The entire dashboard is an LCD, yet there is no maps there either (unless you have Nav, and destination programmed in).

Most of the other options I agree with. The pano-roof, the suspension. Things that people have different wants/needs. But, HID lamps, and Nav I considered to be basic safety features. A hell of a lot safer than Halogen lamps and a mounted iPhone.

"Basically its just another thing that has kept me on the fence. Do I buy a car which purports itself as a luxury car, but doesn't come with nav/hid-lamps as standard?"

What luxury car comes with it as standard? It's an option for every single car I have ever encountered, luxury or otherwise.

Let me put it a different way, is there any value to making the base price $2K (or whatever the tech package is) more expensive and making it standard?

The only value is to exclude some people from buying the car.

You pay for the tech package, one way or another.

Nav and HID lamps are standard on the 911 Porsche that I'm considering.

Traditional Porsche has been the company to nickle and dime someone on everything. Sure Porsche could say the same thing as you did, but we both know they're making a killing on the options.

Now will I buy anyways? Where I just adjust the price in my mind and ignore it? Probably. I still find it amusing that they would have such a nice screen, but then paralyze it.

Lots of people won't notice how much better HID lamps are.

I do agree with the sentiment that selling a "tech package" on "the most advanced car in the world" feels a little cheap.

I also think its important to recongnize the trade offs. What you're giving up in return for all the things the Tesla brings to the table.

I'm still passionate about the car even if I think option wise Tesla is behind the curve. The GPS thing was just nutters.

But, they're way ahead of the curve in other areas.

So I'm just carefully weighing my decision which one should do on such an expensive car. The interesting thing is the things it gives you are more everyday things (full battery level every morning, instant thrust). Sure there is no adaptive cruise control option, or lane assist (what other companies have as options because they've long since moved Xenons into standard equipment).

A Porsche 911 has a base MSRP of $84,000. That's about what I paid for my almost fully-loaded Model S 60.

Again, I fail to see what the complaint here is.

cybrown: please correct me if I'm wrong, but the turn-by-turn navigation is by Garmin, maps are by Google?

I wish the car came with HID standard and offered LED headlamps with the tech package. Oh well…

TBT Nav was standard on the 2011 & 2012 Leaf. It is an option on 2013. Say what you will about the Leaf, but it has several desirable features that aren't even offered on Model S. Full disclosure: I own one of each :)

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