Has anyone actually purchased the aero wheels?

I've seen some threads discussing how they look etc, but have not seen comments by any actual purchasers of that option. Would like to get thoughts of aero owners. Happy? Not?

Or has no one bought them at all? That would probably tell me all I need to know :)

I plan to get Aero wheels when I order closer to January. I will post about them.

I have an order in to replace my 21" wheels with Aero wheels. I thought the paint on the wheels was black. But I saw a car at the service center and the wheels are actually a dark gray. So someone has purchased them. There are also pictures (and discussions) at TMC regarding Aero wheels (Aero wheels

Sorry - forgot width="600"


It burns! it burnnnnsss!

Kinda looks like a Hot Wheels :)

Looks like something from Tron, in a bad way.

I have them on my blue S 85 and have only compliments, but maybe those who don't like them are too polite to say so. Or maybe my fellow engineers appreciate their efficiency.

I do agree that they are radically different from the other, bladed designs: they look much less sporty.

I bought them for that difference: their smooth profile is very consistent with the retracting door handles and the overall elegance of the design.

Your opinion may, and probably does, differ.

^^ post a pic of them on your S

I want to order these next year for the winter tires on my black S.

It looks just like the picture above.

I'm still trying to decide whether I like them. It will depend on the color of the car for sure. I think they would look better on a black car if they were also black.

I saw someone driving out of my neighborhood with them last week. They looked kinda interesting when they were in motion.

@mrspaghetti: Agreed. I think the'd probably look great on the whites, grey, and silver... I'm not convinced on the other colors. It's the large grey panels' fault.

Oh, pipe down! Paint them silver or chrome and play loud music. If you don't feel people pay you enough attention now, that is.

Still, I kinda dig them, weird. May be its the increased (3%???) range I suppose.


What is the wheel disc made of? Plastic? Metal?

I thought they looked hideous. Now that I see the posted picture I've changed my mind. I think they look pretty good on the vehicle.


Aero wheels are hard to make cool but I think BMW were on to something with the first E34 M5 aerodynamic wheels:

Love the hot wheels comment, that's exactly what they remind me of!

They are ugly. If you buy them or have bought them, I know it will very much pain you to think of olanmills and how he thinks your wheels are super ugly every time you look at them, but you're just going to have to live with that.

Next, we must shame the designer who came up with these.

@olanmills | SEPTEMBER 26, 2013: I know it will very much pain you to think of olanmills and how he thinks your wheels are super ugly every time you look at them, but you're just going to have to live with that. Next, we must shame the designer who came up with these.

Yes, I will think of you every time I get 15 miles more range (Aero wheel + LRR tire combo).

As far as the designer is concerned, I agree with you. The wheels look like they were designed in a vacuum with no regards as to how they look on the car. I can live with the funky look and at worst case switch back to 21" or get new 20" with LRR tires.

I went on the design studio last night and showed my wife the 3 different choices for 19" wheels and she picked the aeros as the ones she liked the look of best. Surprising. Note that she did not know the costs of any of the wheels or that they were aero, etc.

I am now seriously considering getting them when I order.

Just not my cup of tea...and when I say that I'm really saying I think tea tastes terrible =)

That's why there's 31 flavors of ice cream. This one, not so much for me.

I guess they weren't popular enough: they've been removed from the Design Studio.

Good. They are just nasty.

Remember when Elon said it costs the same to design a beautiful car as it does to design an ugly one?

Same thing goes for wheels. You can just as well make beautiful wheels which extend the range.

I appreciate them a little more after seeing the posted pic..I like the fact that they stand out and look different than the turbines, which I usually see on fellow cars, mine included.But to call them ugly is rude..its like telling someone their kid is ugly...just sayin..

Luckily comparing a wheel with a child is not rude at all ;-)

It is rude to think that some people have ugly children. Shame on you :)

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