Has anyone with a Signature Reservation configured your Model S yet?

In order to deliver the 5000 2012 Model S vehicles in the 5.5 months or 169 days between 15JUL2012 and 31DEC2012 Tesla must produce 29.586 cars a day and to keep the 90 day "Configure to Delivery" timeframe documented on the Facts page of, Signature Model S Reservation #1 through Signature Model S Reservation #29 should have been configured on 15APR2012. So as of today, 03MAY2012 or 18 days later, Signature Model S Reservation Holder #1 through Signature Model S Reservation Holder #532 should have been contacted by Tesla to sign a MVPA, put up the non-refundable down payment and configure their Signature Model S with a Tesla Configuration Specialist.

Has anyone of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders signed your MVPA, made your deposit and configured your 2012 Signature Model S? Care to share your experience with the rest of us Reservation Holders so that we can know what to expect?

If none of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders have been contacted as of today, Tesla is already 18 days behind schedule and unless they can catch up, only 4468 of the 2012 Tesla Model S cars will be manufactured and delivered in calendar year 2012.

Despite the 90 day configure to deliver timeframe documented on the Facts page, for contractual purposes Tesla is currently quoting up to 5 months from configuration to production. Personally I believe they will deliver before the contract dates. So far they have contacted the at least to Special Signature revervation #221. It was reported that SS#183, signed his contract on May 1st and received a delivery estimate of sometime in September.

Many of us believe that production rates will increase significantly beyond the Signature models. If so, it is premature to assume that Tesla is "behind schedule" in these early stages since no schedule was announced other than delivering the first car in July and producing 5,000 cars by year-end.


Output on a new production line is not a constant. Since the number of reservation holders contacted each week right now appears to be about 20, we anticipate that very early production may only be about 4 cars/day. The rated full speed for the line is 20,000 vehicles/year, or around 80/day. If the line is running at capacity, Tesla could produce around 3,000 cars in November-December.

How is this thread different from this one:

Am I missing something?


I think you're missing the moderators :-)

I'm not trying to say they are running behind. I just knew that there should be several already configured and contracts signed but I could not locate anyone talking about the experience. I am a Reservation holder and am not wanting Tesla to fail. I am very excited to be getting a Model S and am just trying to get an idea of when and how the contact from Tesla that I am eagerly awaiting is going to happen. According to articles about the Tesla factory, 20,000 is not capacity but rather the target for annual production for the Model S, they also want to get to where the Model S, Model X and an updated Roadster as well as the lower end car are all made simultaneously at the Freemont, CA factory.

I know that we are all anxious to get our cars and a part of our concern is based upon our clear knowlege that version 1.0 of anything is risky. We like being on the cutting edge, but, as successful professionals, don't want to make a $70k+ mistake. We hang on every word from Tesla and try to attach meaning to each tidbit. Hope and enthusiasm are tempered by frustration and a lack of clear messages from Tesla. We are driving ourselves nuts.

Elon's Dream: Everyone on Mars will drive Teslas.


They'll have to. There's not enough oxygen to support ICE cars.

I made a mistake once by ordering a 1985 Pontiac Grand Am the first year of the redesign. It was a beautiful car but it was a lemon. The engine seized on the first day I had it with less than 120 miles on the odometer. I traded it in on a 1987 Buick Riviera when it only had. 32,000 miles on the odometer. I learned my lesson and never made that mistake again. Even though I give Tesla credit for the Roadster it still is a totally different platform than the Model S. I want the Model us while it is still new but like the other 6 cars I've ordered since the Grand Am fiasco. Has always at least been the second year model giving them time to work out all of the bugs. My Model S reservation #8046 for an 85kWh battery version estimated to be built in Q1 of 2013.

FWIW, I have a 2001 and a 2004 Prius. Both first-year models and the 2004 was one of the first shipped. They have both been totally reliable. I think it's the company doing the manufacturing rather than because it's a first year. GM doesn't stand for quality.


Lately Toyota hasn't stood for quality either. Blaming cars that accelerate on their own on the floor mats and then on the cars that had no floor mats in them blaming it on the drivers. Then when proven that it was the cars fault they blamed it on the quality suffering after they started manufacturing them in the US.

Sorry, but floor mats have been causing accelerator pedals to stick ever since there have been accelerator pedals and floor mats. I find it an interesting coincidence that the big Toyota fuss happened in the same year that the government took over a major car company.

And if I remember correctly, the one with a sticking accelerator part were built by a US contractor....


Actual capacity for the full plant (presumably running 3 shifts) is 500,000 cars per year. 20,000 vehicles per year (roughly 83 per day) is the capacity of a single shift on the single line they are running for model S production (and X eventually). So they should be able to scale production to 60,000 cars per year by adding shifts rather than more equipment.

"By 2012, when Tesla expects to reach full capacity with the Model S – 83 cars a day during one shift, or approximately 20,000 cars a year – about 500 people will be involved with the vehicle's production, he said."

I own a 2003 Nissan Murano (first year edition), and it's at 110k miles with no major recalls and no major issues what so ever.

With that said, I do still believe issues with first year editions can happen, however, more so with Detroit. No offence to Motorcity folk, however, I too would have a hard time waking up to build a great car, if I had to live in that God forsaken area of the country as well. Quality is job 0!


You recall correctly. In addition, that sticky accelerator was also supplied to Ford, GM, and Chrysler who had the same problems but didn't get the publicity.

The most factual write up I've seen is here:

No one has yet to answer the original question. Has anyone on this forum with a Signature. Reservation been contacted to configure your car. Have you configured your Model S Signature, signed a MVPA? If so what was your experience like? Is there a gag order attached to your contract or are you just way too busy to share your experience with the rest of us?

If you go to the website, there are a couple of active discussions answering the questions you have posed DallasTXModelS.

I appreciate the links to teslamotorclub. I was sent there a couple of months ago the first night I posted that I have a Model S reservation. And like that night, I signed up and filled out a profile and went to the thread that was sent to me and waded through page after page of giant avatars and ads and multiple copies of the previous threads and I really don't like that format and continually return to the Forums on

And just like the first time I logged in to teslamotorclub and checked out the link that someone sent to tonight I read through page after page on it's time to build... and didn't see anything about the question I have now asked twice in this same post. There is endless people going on and on about which color beta they have seen in a store near them and what color they will order their Model S and all the responses of how badass that will look but not one "I configured my car today, this is my experience"

I look at 17 of the 35 pages of Latest quoted finalize and even though there are a couple "I got my email today to configure" or someone citing a post of a configured signature reservation, plenty of "That's great man, be sure and take copious notes and come back and let the rest of us know about your experience and what we can expect" but not one person has come back and shared the experience of configuring their car and signing the MVPA.

Every time I've asked a simple question the responses have strayed all over the place and never got the answer to the original question. It seems to be even worse on the motorclub threads.

I'll quote ggr from San Diego who is a Roadster owner sharing his experience on teslamotors since some don't want to stray from this site. From March 23, 2012:

"We had our configuration phone call this morning (since we are in San Diego and the nearest showroom is Newport). It went pretty simply, since we'd looked at the configuration stuff many times recently .

We ordered (taken from the preliminary quote we got soon after the call):

Model S Signature Performance
Exterior: Signature Red
Interior: Tan Nappa Leather/Alcantara with Grey Piping
Interior Décor: Lacewood
Panoramic All-Glass Roof
21" Performance Wheels with High-Performance Tires
No Rear Facing Seats
No High Power Wall Connector
Keep Rear Spoiler

The only surprise in any of this was the rear spoiler. It's a carbon fiber accent that I thought I'd seen somewhere, but can't find at the moment. But it's sort-of optional, as you can see they can remove it.

There were also charges for "Tesla personal delivery" ($990) and "Final Inspection, Preparation and Coordination" ($180).

The configuration chat itself lasted about 15 minutes. We also asked a couple of related questions. Test drives for early deliveries will be arranged just before the first deliveries, still dependent on the crash testing. Delivery of ours is expected in late July. We'll be contacted about 30 days before to arrange delivery details. Factory delivery is certainly possible, and we may opt for it, depending on whether there is supercharging available by then, and whether the test drive is in Fremont or not. I think one way or another we want to see the factory in production.

Soon after the call we got the written preliminary quote. Once I agreed that was correct, they prepared formal order papers (took about an hour for them to arrive). The contract also includes CA sales tax, registration transfer and titling fee ($781) and CA tire fee ($7). The contract says that $10,000 of the deposit becomes non-refundable, as well as any legal or storage costs if we fail to take delivery within 30 days. Expected delivery date in the contract is July 15. We just have to sign and fax back.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Generally a nice experience given that we're spending a huge amount of money."

Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was asking. I wish it just didn't take 20 posts to get around to the answer and without things thrown in about Elon's dream for Tesla cars on Mars.

Ok, reviewing your original post/question. Let me try to summarize the post:

First paragraph is some math and assumptions, based on steady state of building cars of almost 30 per day since day 1, that come to conclusion that Tesla must have contacted the first 532 people on the Sig list. This is already known to be false from the thread here:

BUT that thread is marked private. It is only viewable to those who have set their forum identity to associate with their reservation. Maybe you haven't done that yet.

The questions:
Has anyone of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders signed your MVPA, made your deposit and configured your 2012 Signature Model S? Care to share your experience with the rest of us Reservation Holders so that we can know what to expect?

Last paragraph is a statement, again based on steady state math of ~30 cars per day, that Tesla better speed up production if they are going to meet the stated goal of 5000 cars delivered this year. I think we can all agree on the truth of that statement.

For purposes of estimating the production rate, and why I consider steady state to be a fanciful way of doing the math, I refer you to these two threads:

Now for the original questions I'll selectively quote from a gentleman in the "Highest Signature #" thread.
Reseration #: 126
Contact date: 4/18/2012
Est. Delivery date: 8/15/2012
Had fun in the DC office going through the config and questions, on Earth Day!. Great group! (- Still some features aren't fully known on the details, still so still wait and see, software features may be updated later too via firmware or similar update mechanism -)

I think that covers it?

I should've looked up some quote tags for that so you could see what was quoted and what wasn't. Sorry about being lazy with the html tags.

@JasonS - The quote tags, among other things on this forum, don't work well anyway. You didn't miss anything. One of the many reasons folks tend to migrate to TMC. Another reason is moderators.

Speaking of which...

DallasTXmodelS, I respectfully request that you pass along some of your concerns with the TMC forum to the moderators. It's likely they can't do much about the advertisements for you, but perhaps some of the other issues can be addressed adequately.

... or you can use an ad blocking add-on with your browser. I never see any ads on TMC.

I didn't even know there were ads :-)

I got the email yesterday - It was really great to finally get it.

1 You get an email with a phone number to call
2 You call and they walk through what you want - Handy to have the design site up so you can confirm your choices
3 They immediately email you your final config / pricing for confirmation
4 You confirm via email
5 They create legal docs for you to sign off of and email them to you
6 You sign / initial and email back to them.
7 They sign and email back to you. You now have a fully executed order for a Tesla.

That's it!

At this point the order 'goes to the factory' and you wait (again) for your car to be built - Mine will be mid August.

@PeterK: What is your sig number? Thx.

First, thank you for the insight you provided! a few questions if you don't mind.
1. does price include delivery to your state of residence?
2. Was there any discussion of a test drive as part of your final acceptance of the car?
3. Am I correct in assuming you pay the balance on delivery of the Sig?
4. Did you get a chance to review the final warranty provided for the car and if so, can you share any informaiton about it?

Last, Congratulations!

I am Sig #6

A1 Pricing for delivery was an Addl $990 - Fees also for tax,registration etc standard car stuff. You do get nicked an addl 180 for Final Vehicle Inspection, Prep and Coordination - No big deal.
A2 I didn't ask about a test drive as I was in one when Elon announced the Model X. I'm sold.
A3 Balance upon delivery
A4 Final Warranty presented to you upon delivery - So no new news there.

Hope this helps during the wait!


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