Help me get a Tesla S!

Keep your Tesla in the garage!
Let me take you to the airport or out on the town in mine!!
Help me get it! PLEASE!!
I win, you win!!


Interesting idea, if it doesn't work out, maybe you can get a private loan from someone, maybe we can talk. You are in LA though, right?

Yes you will win. We definitely do not win though. If you actaully make your goal, I will be sad. I didn't realize that indiegogo had no standards. I knew they had lower standards than KickStarter, but I didn't realize they were this lax.

Sorry I can't make EVERYONE happy. Probably, I should have been a little more eloquent. I didn't realize wanting a Tesla lowered anybody's standards. I actually thought it would raise the standard.

Let me elaborate:

I have a boutique limo company in Los Angeles, and reserved a Tesla, possibly naively, thinking a loan on a Tesla would be more attainable. Not so for a young company. Even if I am doing reasonably well.
I was hoping that this would be an interesting, alternative way to help raise the remaining sum that's needed.

So, I put it out on this forum that's full of supporters of the Tesla Movement, hoping for some support and maybe even a little encouragement.

I am infatuated with everything about this car. I am trying anything and everything I can to make it part of my fleet.

I think an electric car used as a limo has got to be one of the best ways to expose this amazing new technology to people who might not otherwise experience it.

You never know who's out there. Stranger things have happened. Hey, there's people out there that leave houses to cats. I'm not judging. Just hoping.

Hopefully you get it. And if you don't, that's ok. I WILL find a way to get a Tesla S.

@olanmills, you are right about indiegogo, they have no requirements (or standards, quoting you). Some are good, but some are just plain begging (including requests to pay for vacations).

Kickstarter is good if the request meets a certain criteria, one of which is that the product/service be a creative.

~ Prash.

Maybe the best alternative is to wait for a fleet lease program like they have in Europe.

@prash - WTF indeed.

LOL, well, I'll give acterp some credit, he really wants the car and can't afford it. He is reaching out and asking for help, you don't have to offer it, but it doesn't hurt to ask as long as it's not too intrusive, annoying or feel SPAMish. Best of luck to you, I personally bought the Model S to drive and not leave it in the garage.

This car is so much fun to drive, garaging it would just feel so wrong and I would have to add it to my Sunday Catholic Confessions list, which has also gotten longer after buying my Model S. OK, enough said... :D

acterp, this is creative move. Wish you good luck.
And for the sourpuss comments, well... alway around

I fail to see what there is to "get". You want something you don't need, can't or won't pay for it, and hope people will just give you money to get it. I don't really think it makes it any better that you want it for your business.

You imply that you have a strong, well to do client base (whom you can't name), Aproach one (or more) of them for a loan. Determine what would be appropriate loan terms from a bank and offer those terms to them.

As an alternative offer one of them a owner ship stake in your business, if they put in $50,000.

I'll help pay for the gas on your MS!

Welcome to the TM Shark Tank.

I think I would enjoy a Tesla limo. I will say though Acterp, because of the shape of the back door it's hard to get in and out of. Also, there are height restrictions in the back seat, and not all your passengers will be comfortable. On the plus side, plenty of room for luggage.

You might want to consider waiting for the X, which will be easier to get in and out of and have larger capacity.

Good luck with your venture. Let us know if you get it. I'll book transportation with you.

@fluxemag +1 :)

I'm on it!! Right after I finish helping myself get mine ;-)

Hey, All - Isn't this the American, capitalistic (or either 'The Universe Provides way)? Just put out for what you want & see what Happens? I'm of two minds: Lot of hutzpa asking for what you want or WTF?

So, going with the former. Let's make this more level along the Adam Smith model - Why should I or anyone give you money without some consideration in return & not just free rides in the "LAX area"? You want $x dollars to make your dream happen? What rate of return will you give on the investment to attain your dream? Why not bless someone else with manna from heaven? Ball is in your court. :)

Yes you were obviously ok with paying interest by applying for a business loan. why don't you offer a real return?

Thanks for all the input!
I'm definitely working on more "traditional" loan ideas once this campaign is over.

In the meantime... I've made some pretty significant changes in the perks.
Check it out:

Buy a lottery ticket from phil-sherburne

Holy Cow! Thanks, Yoda!

Holy Cow! Why didn't this thread die 2 weeks ago???

I dunno, I don't mind keeping up to date on the lack of progress. I hope it fails miserably.

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