Horse Jump a Tesla Roadster
Horse jump a Tesla Roadster at the First Horse Eventing @ Lundegården

Next, do it with a Model X!

Do what? Jump over Roadster? I don't think Model S suspension allows quite that big jumps. ;-)

Make that Model X. (need that edit).

Nooooo, Timo. Jump the horse over the Model X! The X could jump the Roadster easy with a small ramp.

Small ramp doesn't count as proper jump, it's just ballistic trajectory of the car. Horse can also jump the Model X if you just put the Model X into deep enough hole.

There are electromagnetic suspensions that make drive really smooth and allow car to jump (also hydraulic ones, but I like electromagnetic more because way faster response times). Model X just might have that.

"It's not the fall (jump) that hurts you; it's the landing."

Timo, one example would be Bose Active Suspension:

It would be remarkable if the Bose car could get to the height required to clear a Roadster! ;) 8-0

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