I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

There was mention of three superchargers being implemented in Texas in the initial supercharger openings. If that turns out to be correct, between Houston and Austin would certainly be the location of one of them.

I am interested to see if stephen.pace@ka. at #964, Lynn005 at #548 or tonybass100 at #276 has received their Model S yet.

I am way down the list at #6009- anticipated at Q1 2013 so trying to see how the production numbers are doing.

Getting my electrical outlet for the charging taken care of in the next month. Actually need to get my garage revamped to allow the Model S to fit. I have a 3 series BMW that the garage has encroached on its space since it is small.

@jwolens: I haven't gotten mine yet, but based on the TMC wiki, I expect I will hear very soon, for delivery sometime in November. We'll see! As soon as I hear for sure, I'll post here.

Out in Tomball (NW Houston) - being told that it will be December for #3498. Crossing my fingers. I have got to point where I hate filling up my car anymore.

I was out of town during the Test Drive event in Houston, so I have not been able to get a test drive yet. I am #8872 (expected delivery March 2013), so I have some time, but Tesla has informed me that there will not be any permanent cars located in Texas in the near future, and that they do not have any more test drive events planned for Houston. They claim that the Texas laws are keeping them from having permanent cars at the Texas locations. Maybe we can all petition them to schedule another test drive event. Not sure what they expect the Texas reservation holders to do to get a test drive - fly to Fremont? It's also a bit disconcerting that they don't provide production updates. There's no way to tell if they're on schedule or not. If some of the people who do receive cars could post the date received and their reservation number, that would help.

I do not understand what Texas rules TM is refering to. However, once I get my S, you can drive it. We could likely set up with the Houston site for them to conduct the test drive.

J King - that would be great. I really appreciate the offer. I am currently spending about 60% of my time in China, but can certainly schedule something with you once you get your car. I live in League City and have been trying to add myself to the map, but difficulties in updating from China. When is your expected delivery? Thanks for the link to the delivery information - used it to get to the spreadsheet by timdorr.

I believe I will receive the car in late November or December. I do not have any definative information yet. My sequence number is 2,358 of the General Production (P) reservation list

My delivery is now expected to be in November. They told me October or November, but said I would be getting a call about 30 days ahead of time for scheduling. I'll let everyone know when I get the call.

I got the email to finalize my build. That should be 3 months until delivery from what they say. #6009.

Any one heard about the Houston service center? I thought they would have announced this in September.

Sounds like end of October is possible depending on contractors. I believe the location is Beltway 8 @ Westpark. If that is true, it is fairly close to my house.

2 things.

Service center is supposed to be at Beltway 8 and Westpark. Not sure when it is to open.

Next- supercharger. First time am am hesitating abut the Tesla. Originally the supercharger option was standard on 85Kwh battery, not available on the 40Kwh battery and TBD on the 60Kwh battery. Then it was listed as included on the 60Kwh. Then, Elon Musk reported there was going to be a charge for the 60Kwh at the Supercharger unveiling event. I went to the store over the weekend and was told that since I had already desired that option and it was listed as included, the fee would be waived.

I called to finalize my build and was told they would not waive any fees for me. I was told that some people are going to get the hardware included for free with the 60Kwh battery while others will not. They decided if you have reservation 4000 or earlier, it will be available for free and you will have to pay if you are above that reservation number.

I am not happy at all about the back and forth. We all are trusting this company that is in many people's mind doomed to fail because we believe this technology is the future and the people at Telsa are the people that are going to bring this to reality. The way they are handling this concerns me and I am thinking about postponing / delaying my deliver at this point.

Houston Coffee and Cars is again this weekend:

NEXT GATHERING: NOVEMBER 3, 2012 Join us the first Saturday morning of November for our next gathering. From 8:00AM until 10:00AM at Vintage Park.

Anyone else going? I plan to park near the Fiskers if I can get a space. If you go, please come say hi! I'll be the Sig Red Model S with 19" wheels.

I've been assured that late November is my target delivery date, even though I don't have a VIN yet. I may try to stop by Coffee and Cars tomorrow.

J King - have you heard anything yet about your delivery yet? I'm back in Houston for a short time, but leave again just before Thanksgiving.

stephen.pace - Enjoyed meeting and talking with you at C&C. I can't wait to have mine to show and tell!

@RLA_P12194 Very nice to meet you as well and the other reservation holders that stopped by! Great turnout today and I was fortunate to be able to park near two Roadsters which helps me tell the story. Lots of interest in the car--one guy said 'seeing the Model S made his show' since it was the only 'new' thing he saw all day. Lots of 'I didn't know they were shipping yet!' and even a few 'Is this a Fisker?' :-) One guy also asked me how long I'd been selling Teslas and said it was hard to believe that it was my car.

Seeing the reaction of people (especially kids) when the door handles pop out and when the hood comes up is still priceless. I need to video the reactions and edit them together. Would be a classic.

@Keith72. I have not requested a delivery update. TSM is still around 2000 cars away from me and any estimate would be a guess. I think late December to mod January is likely.

J King - thanks for the spreadsheet on deliveries etc. Its appreciated. Hope service center is where you suggested as that is also fairly close to me.

Nice to see StphenPace at the Coffee and Cars NOV 3 !! Nice NICE car. Lots of interest. Stephen, you are an excellent TESLA ambassador !

@gkalexdc Thanks, I try! :-)

Got my "It's Time to Build Your Model S" email today. #8872
Completed my configuration and they're estimating February/March delivery.
I'm in League City

@Keith72: Awesome! What configuration did you pick?

#8,742 P 85. 21 grey wheels ,Green, grey, lacewood, armor, tech, shelf, everything except reader facing seats! Got finalize order Nov 21, and signed the docs Nov 22. If it'd built by Dec19, Tesla said delivery est is Feb/Mar 2013.

Metallic Blue, 85 KWh, 21" wheels, Tech Pkg, Active Air Suspension, Twin Chargers, Tan leather. Didn't want the panoramic roof (had a convertible a few years back and it's too hot most of the year for me to keep the roof down)

Nice! I like the blue a lot.

Houston Coffee and Cars is again this weekend:

NEXT GATHERING: DECEMBER 1, 2012 Join us the first Saturday morning of December for our next gathering. From 8:00AM until 10:00AM at Vintage Park.

Note: They are doing their annual toy drive benefiting MD Anderson Children's Cancer Center, so if you go, please consider bringing a toy.

Anyone else going?

I'll try to be at this gathering. I'm sure you'll be there with your Red Sig, Stephen?

@foto: Planning on it for sure. I'll probably arrive at 6:30am or so and try to park where I did last time, at the back of the front lot.

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