I'm proud to be the 1st Tesla owner in Houston (at least according to this board and Tesla Owners Map).  Where better to showcase the merits of electric cars than the Energy Capital of the World!!

If I'm wrong, I'd love to meet any other owners who are incognito. 

I just wired my final payment. I think I'll attend C & C regardless as to whether my car has arrived.

@foto and @lynn, very nice to meet you at Coffee and Cars today!

I enjoyed meeting everyone, too! I must say, the car is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I love the way "Signature" reads on the rear of the car, too.

I'll update everyone when mine arrives!!

@stephen, I must say thank you for making my day. With my wife's approval after seeing your gorgeous car, it is now easy for me to finalize my order.

@Lynn005, it's sure nice to have a community of Tesla owners (and would be owners) in a large but ironically small world.

Do you work at WHT? If so, catch me in the nursery sometime in the next week or so. I'm driving my Model S into work starting today.

Can anyone tell me where they are getting their Tesla's inspected (for the annual vehicle inspections)?

I got mine done at Goodyear @ 12125 Bammel N Houston Rd, Houston TX 77066:

But any standard place should be able to do it. Just ask ahead of time if they know where the electric vehicle option is on their computer. Many will at this point, but some won't.

Thanks. I went by a local Jiffy Lube and they were able to do it.

Normally, the initial inspection on a new car lasts 2 years. Were you able to get a two-year sticker at Goodyear or Jiffy Lube?

hey...any idea how many of us live in the houston area with Teslas? Do we have a group that gets together or anything? i just got mine a week ago, and it is sitting in the garage because i still don't have the paint armor/inspection sticker/license plates, etc. but would love to connect with local owners from time to time!

Talk to the guys at the Galleria store. They are going to start up a local group.

@Suegie: Yes, there are quite a few of us around. I know that mine was the 5th Model S in Houston and I believe the last count is around 15. We've been meeting at Coffee and Cars on the first Saturday of the month (Vintage Park), but it would be great to have a Tesla only meetup outside of that. I would be happy to maintain an email list of the group if that would help. Also cool would be to do one halfway between Houston and San Antonio so we can pick up the Austin and San Antonio folks.

Folks that want on the mailing list can DM me at Tesla Motors Club user: stephenpace

@Lynn005: As far as I know, only "Dealers" can get the two year tags, so no, I have a 1 year. But at $15 / year I'm not really complaining. :-)

Informal Houston Tesla Meet-up Sunday 12/9/12:

Tiny's No. 5 in West University
Eat Brunch or Just Show Off Your Car

PM me at Tesla Motors Club forum if you are going and we can save you a space. Or just show up!

Just received my VIN 1711 - looks like I was bumped up the queue - I guess someone changed their order or dropped out. Deleivery before Dec 21st - one hell of a Christmas present.

Since Solar City doesn't support Houston or Texas, are there any recommendations for electricians to install the circuit for the HPWC?

Solar City recommended "Mr. Electric" - but when I left my number, they never returned my call.

Just received message from tesla - my delivery date is dec 15 to 31...really pumped.

I was told Jan or Feb recently so I haven't arrange the charger installation...has anyone done this yet in Houston? How long does it take and approx cost? Thanks

Hi everybody,

Just received my Model S Performance version (#594) on December the 7th. It's red, fast and beautiful. BUT I need to install a radar detector ASAP !!!! Any ideas for having it installed (like Passport Escort 8500 csi or K1) here in Houston?

@bp: I checked the Solar City box and they referred me to Mr. Electric as you mentioned. They called me and sent the guy to do the NEMA 14-50 and I was very happy with the service. I'd call them during business hours--you shouldn't need to leave a message, they are a big company and should have someone answering the phones.

@brainsgn: Very few high end shops have experience with Tesla's at this point. I'd call Al & Eds in Hollywood and see if they would recommend someone for you in Houston:

Good luck, let us know how it turns out!

#3088, in the Heights. Anxious to get my model S, Jan-Feb!
Would love to see one on the road in Houston. Just found this forum

@garytrodriguez, what are your specs?

P6265, 60KWh, Air, Tech, 19", Gray

Can any of the recent deliveries confirm that we won't have a delivery specialist accompany the car at delivery? There were other forum posts on this topic, and when I called Tesla they were a bit vague, but acknowledged both the "legal" restrictions and busy schedule this time of year in limiting the personal delivery described prominently in the Tesla experience.

I really don't care that much -- I think I can figure the car out, or get the help I need online or by phone. I just think communication should be more clear on this topic and expectation.

@jkwolfie: I can confirm (as of this minute, but could change) that you will not have a DS present when the car arrives. However, nothing to stop you from going to the Galleria and getting a run-through in their in-store car as 'general knowledge transfer'. I'm also happy to stop by and do an overview.

As you say, most things are obvious, but a few things aren't:

1) Setting the position of your mirrors in reverse (there is a save position for both reverse and drive and it is easy to think it isn't working correctly if you never set them)
2) Reboot process for each of the two screens. Just in case.
3) Holding down the scroll keys to change the default display on left and right side of driver's screen.
4) Setting up Slacker. Your DS can provide a 1-year paid account and you should install it. Slacker implementation is great. Unlike Tune-In, Slacker doesn't work without an account (although you can also get a free one).

Hello all - it seems most of the comments here are from the front of the queue. Well, allow me to wave hello from the far distant back of the line. I just made a reservation, and at #16071 I've got a long wait ahead, but am still glad to be a part of this new and growing community.

@stephen.pace: thanks for the advice! Sounds like a good alternative. Mainly just interested in getting the car. Have a Dec 15 - 31 delivery window, but i think it's going to be a lot later.

@brianwinquist: Wow, 16k! I had a two year wait, so yours will be shorter. Welcome, the more the merrier! Next official gathering of the Houston Tesla crowd will be January 5th at Vintage Park. You are welcome to join us. What color do you think you'll get?

@wsjarriel- It was great seeing your Model S in the parking lot at Woman's. Looking forward to parking mine next to yours next year!

Also, thank you for letting me know about the issues you had with your Tesla delivery and I am glad that I am not the only one with problems with their poor communication. I am hoping that this improves as they gain more experience with things.



Thanks for the information we should think / ask about when we take delivery. It seems that that process has kinks they need to work out.

It looks like the next Coffee and Cars event is on January 5th. Are any of the Tesla owners going to be there? I'm scheduled for delivery late Feb/early Mar, and would be interested in meeting with some of you who've already received your cars.

Hi everyone:

Looks like I will have my car sometime this week. It shipped on Saturday. So, I am looking forward to meeting some of you at the Coffee and Cars in January.

@TrevorPugh5: Congrats! Let me know if you want me to swing by as an unofficial delivery specialist. :-)

@Keith72: We should have a few Teslas at January Coffee and Cars for sure.

Note: Those bringing your Teslas to Coffee and Cars, you should plan to arrive around 6:30am (!) to ensure getting a place to park, but if you let me know you are coming and you think you will be a bit late, I can try to save you a place if you are absolutely sure you are coming. (It doesn't officially start until 8am if you just want to visit with the owners, though.)

If you direct message me on Tesla Motors Club (user: stephenpace), I will send you my mobile number in case you have a hard time finding us.

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