How do I delete this post?

How do I delete this post?

I assume you have air suspension, correct?

Sounds to me like the camber needs to be adjusted since when you lower the MS the wheels tilt inwards to clear the fenders.

Or maybe they are tilting inwards all the time?

Do you have 21" or 19" factory rims?


What is your VIN#? Maybe it was a bad batch.

What wheel/tire size did you get?

Who did you speak to at Tesla that said they aren't willing to deal with your problem?

Have you had the car in for any type of service at Tesla?

This is a known issue. High performance tires + -2 degrees of rear camber will lead to worn inside rear tire shoulders...

No need to start 2 new threads AND post in the thread already discussing this topic though!

Hopefully Tesla will address this with a camber reduction though as it is a serious issue.

Definitely get the 19" wheels folks!

Any reason you're posting the identical item twice? I realize you're pissed, but it really makes it look like it's not a real problem when you post the identical thing multiple times. Only you can remove a duplicate post.

I'm sorry folks. I just noticed this is a duplicate thread and for some reason the little box will not allow to delete it or edit it in any way. I'm very sorry. All your questions are answered by me on the other thread. I also posted some comments on the private side. Hopefully a moderator will be able to delete this thread.

We've driven over 12K miles and our tires look like new. You have a problem.

You can delete it. Go to the top of the page. Click Edit in the upper left corner. Then in the pop-up for which forum to post to, select - None Selected -. You can even make it private or change the title if you want.

u still did not answer some of the questions. I invite u to answer them.

i don't get the title, you say 1600-6000 miles, but in the body you say you are at 6000 miles when this happened...

Ask folks to flag the thread as inappropriate... if 5 do then it will disappear

Rodney, you keep posting thread after thread but you don't answer anyone's specific questions. Until you do that, I don't think you're going to find my sympathy here.

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