How many folks have you now promised to give Model S rides too?

I realized yesterday as I promised 3 more people rides that I will be busy advertising the car the first couple of months. Between Family, Friends and the 60% of my co-workers who know I am on the Signature list, I would say it's easily 40 people promised so far.

On a side note, I was talking to someone downtown at a local restaurant and bar that had an outdoor bar area. I was in mid-conversation when I saw my first Model S in the wild driven by an owner. Made me stop, completely forget what I was talking about and I had to point out the Signature Red Model S driving by. The next words I uttered were, "That's my car!" :D

Did your conversation partner immediately dial 911 for you to report the theft? ;)

LOL, no call's the authorities, but it did transition the conversation into sports cars. I learned something new about how some people really get a “sense of exhilaration” when riding in a sports car. Really, they said something else about how exhilarated they felt but I wanted to keep this post rated PG.

I've been talking about my Model S for three years now! I can't even begin to keep track of how many people I've promised rides to. However, there is this one guy who has been obnoxiously skeptical from the beginning about the likelihood of Tesla ever producing the car. He will be my first "eat crow" test ride! I'm going to enjoy that one! (Lot's of pedal to the metal acceleration for him!).

@Mark2131, I have been lucky and haven't met too many of those skeptical types. Some do get obnoxious about my delivery date. I'm going to have to come up with my own test driving routes to show off my baby when she get's here.

I haven't obsessed over a car like this since I was 15 and waiting to get my drivers license. I had saved up from jobs over 3 years prior to purchase a newer Honda Accord and it would sit covered in my parent's garage until that day I could legally drive. Man did I spend many evenings just sitting in that car to do homework or just ArmorAll the dash for the 100th time!

I want my car please... hurry... :D

@Mark - My boss is the spitting image of the person you're speaking of. I keep getting vocal comments about it not being "real" and that it'll never be seen outside of 15 or 20 cars. I also got this LONG email with links about Tucker. IF I SEE ONE MORE ARTICLE ABOUT TUCKER I'M GOING TO BLOW A FUSE!

That being said, just about everyone in my office wants a ride. That alone is around 30 people. Factor in the other departments that have individuals that know I'm purchasing a Model S. Probably another 12/13 or so. Then there's the Volt dealership I went to. I started the process of purchasing a Volt before I switched gears to a Model S. Add 5 more people. Next, the guys and gals at my bank are all itching for a spin. 7 more... Some family and friends, oh my. I figure around 70 people. LOL! What was I thinking. Combo rides are mandatory.

One of the guys in my office asked me if I was really going to let all these hands touch my car. I told him "Of course, why wouldn't I?" I know it's an amazing vehicle but I'm not going to treat it like some helpless child. I'm going to parade it around like the supermodel dressed in red that's DYING to show off her curves.

I need some water... it's getting hot all of a sudden.....

@ViewAskew - Next time your boss rants, just tell him: "Don't worry; you won't ride in it anyway."

ViewAskew: I just saw a Tucker sell for $2.65 million. That would buy a lot of Teslas.

Charge one yuppie food stamp ($20) per ride(r), for "expenses".

Not a recommended route to vehicle valuation appreciation!

Dare him to ride in the back seat without a seat belt ...


Hehe, I am getting the third row, I'll slap any skeptics there and tell them to lock in the 3 point harness because, "they can't handle the truth!"

@cerjor - the Tucker sold for $2.915M, when you include the commission.

It sounds like this one had the more common manual transmission, not the Tuckermatic CVT, so while it's a well-restored example, I would not be surprised to see that record broken.

Get the test riders to agree to pay for speeding tickets before the for 0-60 run in a 25mi zone.

@joefiorelli, doesn't cover the cost of the insurance rates going up however... :(

I have promised many rides and expect to promise many more before my number arrives. I am looking forward to it & I expect I will be a Tesla Model S Ambassador for the first few years. When I installed solar panels a few years ago I became an ambassador for Solar PV. This is will be an exciting new step in my carbon neutral strivings. Besides, the Model S has a slightly higher thrill factor than my solar panels :o) Maybe Tesla can offer us informal ambassadors some stock options ?

@KJR4235 - Tesla could include 'reservation' cards in our glove boxes. Anyone who reserves a Model S with our code generates a $X gift certificate that vests when the purchase closes. 10 sales close and you get a free HPC.


I wanted the 100 closes and you get a free GenIII.

The reality for me is that I will be promoting Tesla in all my professional and personal circles anyway. The reality for Tesla is they know I (we) will do this for them if they keep focused on the product, innovation and the customer service (which I am sure they will). I actually feel better about not having a financial stake in the Model S reservations I have contributed to....


I agree with you (my previous post was made in fun).

As a real estate agent, my car will constantly be the topic of discussion with my clients as I drive them around.

with special attention to houses pre-wired for 200 amps? ;)

A marketing prof in my MBA studies pretty much had built his rep and career on the proposition that recent product buyers were the best sales force, as they were driven by "cognitive dissonance" (discomfort experienced from exposure to any contrary evidence to a theory, decision, etc.) to seek out and create agreement that their purchase decision was justified. This included all the "confirmation bias" stuff (disparaging negative info, seeking out supporting info), but focussed on the urge to persuade others to make the same buying decisions. "My rationale must be valid; it convinced all these other people!"


Brian H
Interesting thought but I really don't have "cognitive dissonance" on this choice. It IS more than I have paid for any vehicle but it is also what I have aspired to (technology & no carbon emissions) for years. I am sure there will be things I like & dislike about the Model S. At least with Tesla I feel I am contributing to Tesla's creative process in a small way. With my Lexus there is/was plenty of cogntive dissonance, especially when I reported a problem about 2 weeks after delivery, and was told "YOU must be mistaken". The vehicle was recalled 1 month later for the problem. Dost thow think I protest too much? :o)

Spelling: Thou

I rather disputed the (alcoholic) prof's theories at the time. But it is true that one kind of "proselytizing" is an attempt to validate a decision despite nagging doubts!

Telsa "fan boys", of course, are different. Entirely rational and with hardly any doubts at all! ;) (Now that they have their gfs' vanity mirrors and soflauthor's deluxe CCI in the pipelines.)

Still on topic, just a little detour, two additional questions to ask:

1. After reading Jason's review of, "The acceleration simply doesn't stop. SNM ('Someone not me') took it from 0 to 100 and almost stained the seats ... while getting on the freeway. Again, SNM." What will your script/disclaimer be to those you are giving a test ride to warn them and yet not spoil the surprise? I want them to be shocked, but I don't want them to leave their "mark" after they have left as well. I also realize there are many puns in those last couple of sentences and not all intentional.

2. What kind of music will play in the background during the test drive after introducing to them to how silent the Model S is?

1. To passenger: "Please keep seatbelts and sphincters closed until the vehicle has come to a complete stop".

2. "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd

LOL, thanks KJR, that will definitely be in my script. I am a spirited driver by nature as well.

"Absorbent pads are below the seat, if necessary. Please use them!"

Shopping list, add Depends

Hmmm.... sounds like I should ask Tesla for a copy of their test ride agreement so I can have all my friends sign it that want to drive it. Bet that would cut down on the number of requests! ;-)

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