How well is Tesla dealing with the 'issues'?

Although it is highly unlikely I will ever own a MS (I did buy some shares though!), I have Tesla psychosis and read the forum topics daily!

Awesome car and I already consider my ice-age car bizarre..........

The fiendish activity recently on the forum re the new pricing/Tesla 'attitude'/sales experience made me wonder how well Tesla has addressed the concerns that have routinely been raised on the forums. Obviously Tesla will want to increase prices till demand and supply match - there is no real direct comparison with any other car so pricing is, to a large extent, 'arbitrary'.

But Tesla need to stay aware that the overall car experience has to be excellent to keep everyone happy. How many of the recurring issues with the Model S during its first year of production have been adequately resolved in the latest cars?

Over the months the main topics seemed to be:-

1) Unsatisfactory purchase experience with conflicting/inadequate info
2) Incomplete pre-delivery checks with faults not flagged up
3) Poor paintwork or damage on delivery
4) Pano roof issues - operation and noise
5) Door/window seal problems resulting in noise
6) Software/hardware glitches
7) Road noise - (has insulation been improved?)
8) Variable motor/transmission noise/whine
9) Water ingress (during washing - common?)
10)Unpredictable delivery dates
11)'Missing' high-end/luxury features - cameras; parking sensors; tramlines in rear view screen; etc
12)Below 'expected' seating comfort ("Too firm" - have the seats been altered since introduction?)

Most of the other comments are picky or subjective but these directly relate to build quality (any others?) and are initially excusable as Tesla start and then ramp up production but will harm the image of the marque if they are not quickly addressed.

Have earlier cars with these issues been sorted by Tesla to the owners' satisfaction by now?

We all want Tesla to succeed and produce not only an awesome, but an awesomely perfect car!


Double dang! The link is correct. Read all the posts, not just the one at the top. There are plenty of buyers in similar situations who could easily have been accommodated.

The original post also indicates the concession is "Not exactly the resolution I was hoping for". He had to pay an additional $4200. $4200! Does receiving the car one week sooner with sensors for $4200 really sound like a good outcome to anyone? (maybe)

Not me. In my opinion, a "good" outcome would have been to allow the sensor addition for $500. A "world class" outcome, while admittedly a high expectation, would have also included the one-week schedule change as an apology for the inconvenience.

I think much of our difference of opinion boils down to expectations. I observe that others are different. I don't think it's a matter of who is right or wrong, and no one should feel offended. It's simply a difference of opinion. This is a good place to discuss them and I'm glad others are sharing.

Just a quick follow up for those playing along at home.

$500 Parking Sensors
+$750 Subzero Weather Package
$1250 total

All for the incredibly low price of $4200.
Wow! What a concession by TM! (sarcasm)
I wish my customers were so easily pleased.

Yes, this irritates me a little. TM can do better for customers. Am I the only one who thinks so?

@ eAdopter,

You are beating a dead horse. The decisions have been made and complaining won't change that, so can we move on? What else has you so pissed off at Tesla? Also, forgive the question... do you own or have you ordered this car?

eAdopter has achieved "scroll-by" status.

Exactly. Complaining to TM rarely makes a difference because they have the upper hand and know it. My point is the issues just keep coming, week after week, and TM continues to treat some customers poorly. We should be standing up for the minority of owners who have trouble. Someday it could be you or me (again).

There have been so many positive buyer experiences and I don't mean to diminish that fact. However, they don't erase the harm that's been done to a few people. I think TM should make things right whenever possible. I'm not talking about people who order a 60 and want an 85 upgrade for free. I'm refering to people who, for example, had to pay(!) for rear tire replacements after TM delivered misaligned cars, etc.

I hope to put these things behind us but we continue to read about new issues. My concern is not that the issues will exist, but that TM will continue to mishandle them causing harm ($) to owners. I think we need to hold them accountable when possible.

My car was delivered 6/4. I won't go into details today, but TM put me through multiple issues prior to delivery. I'm in the process of working through the last issue but that will take some time. I'll keep you posted.

I appreciate your concern.

@Brian H
good one ;)

@ eAdopter,

I make the following statement very humbly, but is it possible that your own (negative) experience with Tesla is coloring how you react to all things Tesla? As I said in another thread, your hyperbole ramps up when you start talking about Tesla, so obviously you are carrying a lot of your own baggage into conversations about other issues.

Did you ever start a thread about your issues? If you did, I'd be curious to read it so that I can better understand what you have gone through. If you haven't started a thread about your issues, I encourage you to do so as it would be informative to others.

What issues?
Any concerns have been addressed by Tesla in a prompt & professional manner.

You may be overlooking all the good things I've written, and focusing too much on the negative.

I've stated many times that I think the car is awesome.

I've also mentioned here and in other posts that my SC experience has been excellent. Even my flatbed experience went very well.

My gripes are not negative toward all things Tesla. As I mentioned above, two out of three are great.

In general, my gripes are with TM corporate and how they deal with individual issues. For example, I don't like how they convince someone to pay $4200 for $1250 in upgrades plus a one-week faster delivery. The list is fairly short but affects a significant number of people.

@Brian H
Is it affects or effects?

As I was saying, TM has done a great job with many(!) things. I'm taking issue with the few issues not handled well. While it may sound negative, my expectations are very high for such an expensive product. In some parts of the country, $70k-$120k buys a house. While some people can handle extra expenses and risk with ease, I think a significant number of buyers have stretched to purchase a Model S. They've taken a chance on TM before TM earned trust. I think early adopters should be treated very well in return.

Mistakes are understandable but I think TM needs to make amends whenever possible. I think direct compensation is appropriate in some cases. I say this as both an owner and investor.

So please, don't ignore the positive. There's plenty written on that topic by myself and others. At the same time, don't let TM off the hook. It's a great new company and some improvement is still needed.

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