IAA Frankfurt Sep 15 - 25

Does anyone have any insights if/how Tesla will be represented at this year's IAA? Anyone planning on going there? I am not sure yet but I might go and have a look, so maybe there is an opportunity to meet in person.

I'll be present if Tesla is coming over with their Model S

Same here!

looking at the map of the show, it does not look like they will be there ... at least they are not listed anywhere on the floor plan.

Indeed, just checked the Exhibitor director, Tesla is not on the list :(

A real shame, as a EU reservation holder I really wanted to see the Model S "in person".

Just one year too early, I guess...

IAA this year will feature a showroom that is dedicated to electric mobility. See (in German).

Car makers Daimler, Opel, Chevrolet, German E-Cars, Renault, Citroen, Mitsubishi, and Peugeot are mentioned to attend with their EVs.

I assume Tesla will not attend - they concentrate time and money on the Oct 1st Event in Fremont. Showing the betas at IAA would somehow steal the show, right?

My guess is, Geneva Auto Saloon 2012 will be the first event over here in Europe to see Model S.

I just received confirmation directly from Tesla that Tesla will not be represented at this year's IAA in Frankfurt. However, there will be some meet-and-greet kind of events, at least in Hamburg and Munich, around the same time of the year. Owners and reservation holders in Germany will be invited. It was not clear whether these events are open to the general public or not, but I would assume that they are.

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