is it safe to drive over charging cord with car

does anyone know if it is safe to drive over the charging cord with a car

I avoid doing it, you will damage the head of the plug for sure if you run that part over. Best not to do it. I have closed my garage door on it though, it's fine after that but I am avoiding doing that too often and need to clear the garage out ASAP so I can park the Model S in there damnit. That garage will be the life of me!


The garage may be the "death" of you too.

You can get away with it for a few times but it will wear out the cord so it is best not to do it.

I think running over the cable itself if it isn't kinked up isn't going to hurt anything, but I would recommend doing it just for fun. As BYT mentions, definitely don't drive over either end.

you may want to use something like this:
cable cover

You can, but I STRONGLY recommend you don't.

How about just no. It is not ever safe to run over an electrical cord. . . . never. I could list a million what if situations from a rock in the tire to your kid running out and picking up the cord after you ran it over and exposed copper and the kid gets killed. Get a cord guard like pictured above. . . . heck just make a cord guard with a 2x4.

@Sudre_, I see what you mean but the Model S cord will only allow "juice" to flow when it's plugged in, as I understand it? It should be a dead cable when unplugged, but yes, if it was plugged into a Model S and charging it with exposed cable then that would be a terrible thing. I plan on calling TM after 10am today to inquire into the cost for a new Mobile Connector for my Model S, just to see what an extra unit to keep in my car would run.

The garage will be the death of me, thanks, I wasn't thinking straight when I typed it, mind was preoccupied with all the junk in there. It's true that a clean garage help's clear ones mind as well. I need to get on it!!

BYT that is my point. You went straight to defend the two I listed and not the other million things that make it a bad idea. How about you run the cord over and do not notice any damage. You plug in your car and it starts charging. You go out to mow the lawn and leave the garage door open. For some reason the neighbors 5 year old walks in and grabs the cord right at the bad spot. You find a dead kid when you come back to put the lawn mower away.

Next. The news is there broadcasting to the world how there should be laws that BEVs can only be charged at special charging station by profesionals. How this would never happen with an ICE. I know many people from other countries don't get that. Personally I don't think it would be a problem, however the first kid that dies from the charging needs of a car in the sue happy US will start a huge Federal investigation and media frenzy. Best way to avoid it is to not do things in a hurry.

FYI. GFIs do not saves lives when you touch across two phases. Only shorting to ground.

@Sudre_, I check my cable every time I plug in to charge it, it's short enough to run my fingers over the whole cord while unwinding it to plug it in. If there was a kink, I would know about it BEFORE I plugged it in again the next time. In this case I guess it's my personal habits that motivated my response.

By the way the Mobile Connector costs $500 with the adapters but will not be available until after the first of the year, or at least you can re-inquire for it then if interested in an additional cord. | December 19, 2012
I think running over the cable itself if it isn't kinked up isn't going to hurt anything,
but I would recommend doing it just for fun.

You have a strange sense of fun!

@BrianH - missing "n't" :)

I'm not sure where it went, I think I accidentally posted the following in a different thread, but I can't find it. Anyways:

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